You can do a VLookUp!

November 3, 2014


Well, you could search something that was close to what you were looking for, or you could get another book. A VLookUp is structured the same way: what, where, which, and what if. Only, VLookUp calls it Lookup_Value, Table_array, Col_index_num and Range_lookup.

To see how it works, create this two column list in a blank worksheet.
A    B
1    Red
2    Green
3    Blue
4    Orange
5    Yellow
6    Brown
7    Black
8    Purple

Then, in cell D1, type a 3. In E1, type: =VLookUp(D1,$A$1:$B$8,2,0).

This will “look up” the color number in the list and return the color name in text. If you typed in the colors above in that order it should have returned Blue. Translated it works like this:

  • What do you want to look up? The 3 you typed in D1
  • Where do you want to look for it? In A1 through B8 (don’t forget the $ signs!)
  • Which column has your information? The second one (not B!)

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