10 Ways to Step Up and Stand Out at Work

May 2, 2017


No matter what your job, industry or level of experience, the following 10 actions are sure to help you accomplish more at work and put you in a great position to garner a raise, a promotion and/or exciting new opportunities. 

  1. Be seen as being a leader within your organization by taking the initiative—volunteer for new projects and embrace challenges that go beyond your job description. You’ll reap kudos and respect.
  2. Become known for your dependability. When you say you’ll do something—no matter how small the task—always get it done on time and impeccably.  
  3. Make the boss look good by your words, actions and loyalty. Don’t ever speak against him or her or betray a confidence. Learn what the boss sees as outstanding performance and offer nothing less. 
  4. Don’t come to the boss—or to colleagues—with a problem unless you’re ready to present one or more possible solutions. 
  5. Build relationships throughout the organization. Go out of your way to be friendly to and help those both inside and outside your department. Treat everyone with respect—your boss, coworkers, vendors, clients and managers.
  6. Keep a list of accomplishments, big and small. Hold on to emails and letters of praise for your work. When it’s time for your review, make sure to cite all that are pertinent. Because if you don’t speak up for yourself, who will?
  7. Join a professional association and regularly attend events. Consider joining the board and becoming a presenter. It’s a great way to see and be seen by leaders in your field—and make a name for yourself.   
  8. Always look clean, poised and professional, because people do notice—and will treat you as you treat yourself. 
  9. Have upbeat attitude and a smile for everyone. Never gossip or backstab. Look for the good in everyone and share others’ success stories.

Build skills your organization needs. The more knowledgeable you are, the more you’ll accomplish. The more you accomplish, the more likely you are to be noticed—and rewarded—for your work!

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