Communication Problems in the Workplace: How to Address Them

November 1, 2022


A group of coworkers sitting at a table are arguing due to communication problems in the workplace.
Communication problems in the workplace can seriously affect your work.

Communication problems are inevitable. As human beings, one thing’s for certain: we’ll have to face communication mishaps at some point. The workplace is no different. Misunderstandings are natural, and they’re a part of life. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, there are ways to navigate communication problems in the workplace with ease. If you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation at work or otherwise, there’s no need to fret. Here’s how to address communication issues diplomatically.

Communication in the Workplace: Where Issues Arise

One of the largest complaints employees have about their jobs is a lack of communication. But where do communication issues arise, and what are the most common causes? Effective communication in the workplace typically starts with collaborative efforts. If there isn’t effective communication, it’s usually because there’s a lack of collaboration. Employees may feel hesitant to ask for feedback or state their concerns, resulting in a series of misunderstandings. As employers, it’s up to you to create an environment in which concerns, questions, and needs can be communicated with ease.

When your team is missing information, workplace procedures aren’t followed, or there is a lack of overall responsiveness, it’s time to reevaluate workplace communication.

Why is Communication in the Workplace Important?

Why is communication in the workplace so important? Effective communication results n greater employee satisfaction increased productivity and an increased bottom line. Employee retention rates go up, and companies spend less time keeping their teams up to speed. When communication is on par, everything else falls into place naturally. Employees feel more at ease doing their jobs, and therefore, businesses inevitably thrive.

When there is effective communication in the workplace, this also means that miscommunications get resolved more quickly. Communication issues get tackled head-on, instead of waiting days on end for things to sort out. So what practices do workplaces with effective communication follow? Here’s how to address miscommunications directly, and create a more streamlined approach to communication:

Use Updated Communication Tools and Technology

Especially with more and more employees going remote, communication technology will prove invaluable. Team messaging apps like Slack will create more streamlined communication across multiple departments. Not only this but weekly emails to keep your employees up to speed will also prove helpful. Technology is a great resource for effective communication strategies.

Provide Ongoing Communication Training

Communication training should be offered during onboarding, and also as an option for current employees. Set clear expectations for your team, and show them who to consult to express their needs or ask questions. Refreshers in this training will keep everyone in the loop, especially if there are changes or updates.

Create a Safe Environment for Expressing Concerns

An open-door policy goes a long way. Let team members know that they can express themselves freely with any questions, concerns, or feedback. A feedback-friendly work environment supports a successful communication model.

Address Miscommunications Immediately

Don’t let things linger for too long. When miscommunications arise, address them, work through them, and find a resolution. The longer miscommunications go unacknowledged, the greater the likelihood of another miscommunication happening.

Leave Room for Mistakes

Remember, no one is perfect at communication! Working with other people means miscommunications will sometimes occur. That’s okay! Leave room for mistakes, and more importantly, learn from them, too. Good communication doesn’t always mean perfect communication. Sometimes, it’s the willingness to grow from mistakes. Then, make changes accordingly.

Practice Effective Communication in the Workplace

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