Written Communication Skills to Level Up Your Work

November 28, 2022


A colleague looks over a written form.
Written communication skills are crucial, just as much as verbal communication.

There’s no denying that written communication skills are a crucial part of being an administrator. As more employees go remote, email and online messaging are the preferred mode of communication. 

Errors in written communication can result in major mishaps in the workplace. How can administrators brush up and practice their writing for greater career success? 

Communicating in a clear and concise way will make a huge difference at work and in life. Here’s how you can level up at work with stellar written communication skills.

What are Communication Skills?

Put simply, communication skills are the ability to transmit information in an effective way. 

There are two primary modes of communication: verbal and written. Written communication skills are becoming increasingly important as more people go remote. 

Executives rely on clear communication in order to maintain their busy schedules. So it’s evident that administrative assistants need to communicate effectively in order for things to run smoothly. 

Administrators are responsible for communicating schedules, new ideas, meeting times, conference dates, and more. Administrators also must communicate with new contacts, business partners, clients, team members, and dozens of other people. If you can demonstrate strong written communication skills, you’re an asset in any work setting.

While it can sometimes be challenging to translate thoughts into coherent sentences, it gets easier with practice.

Amp Up Your Written Communication with These Tips

Need to brush up on written communication? Here are some surefire ways to communicate more effectively. In return, you’ll reap many positive benefits in your career.

Keep it Simple

There’s no need to add fluff or any unnecessary words when sending an email or message. In many cases, the people you’re communicating with have extremely busy schedules. People appreciate precision. 

A great way to keep your writing simple is to use bullet points or paragraphs to get each of your points across. This helps to avoid confusion or prevent any future ers in communication.

Proofread Your Writing

This may go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how often people forget to proofread! Because we live in such a fast-paced culture, proofreading may seem like a waste of time. 

However, proofreading can actually save more time in the long run. Take the extra few minutes to make sure your sentences are clear and coherent.

Avoid Jargon 

Avoid using any business jargon when writing an email or message. Jargon will actually create more confusion for the recipient. Using precise, clear, and simple language makes the message easier to understand.

Use a Grammar Checker

Apps like Grammarly can help avoid grammar errors and spelling mishaps! 

If grammar is not your forte, using a grammar checker can help. This can also help you improve your grammar and writing skills in the long term. 

Download a spelling and grammar add-on and never miss a grammatical beat again!

Make it Personal

If possible, make your writing personal. Business writing doesn’t have to be cold, impersonal, or overly formal. In fact, most people appreciate a flare of personality when receiving an email. The likelihood that someone will accurately comprehend and remember your message increases when the writing is made personal.

Use the Right Font

This may seem secondary, but it can have a huge impact! Certain default fonts can be difficult to read. Use a clear, legible, and simple font when sending an email. Recipients are more likely to read an email or message if the font is visually appealing!

Develop Effective Communication Skills to Advance Your Career

At ASAP, we’re dedicated to offering the best training and tools to administrative professionals everywhere. Skills like written communication can be improved over time, especially with the right tools. Learn more about effective communication skills and other important qualities with our resource library!

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