5 Ways to Keep Staff Connected in a Hybrid Work Environment

April 5, 2022


a group of staff working a hybrid schedule in the office

As we take cautiously optimistic steps back into the sunlight two years into this pandemic, we’re seeing the business world as it’s never looked before. 

A Mercer study from May 2021 found that nearly 70 percent of companies were adopting the hybrid work model, giving their employees the option to work in the office, remotely, or alternate between the two. 

The reality is that after spending months working remotely, companies realized that their employees were just as, if not more, productive in their working from home environments as in-person. Read on to find out more about setting up your own hybrid workplace. 

A Useful Hybrid Work Model:

1. Encourage Open Communication and A Judgement-Free Zone

I firmly believe that one of the good things to come out of the pandemic was how humanity came together and took care of one another. Being understanding and considerate of the people around you and the people you work with is a great way to feel connected no matter where you are, if you’re looking in someone’s eyes in-person or through a screen.

2. Weekly Meetings that Involves Both Remote and In-Person

Don’t let there be any more barriers between your team members. Have your remote coworkers call into in-person meetings or even continue using Zoom calls for all team members even though some employees might be at the office. Having every member of the team present and involved is important. Give the option for a virtual call-in or coming in for a meeting if they feel comfortable doing so. It’s all about options and versatility.

3. Virtual Happy Hours

I know this might sound lame, it’s sometimes hard to get coworkers to show up to in-person happy hours. But having that option, offering fun icebreakers and games that can be played virtually is a great way for coworkers to get to know each other without being in the same room.

4. Make Project Teams Hybrid

Don’t isolate either side of the hybrid environment by assigning projects to only members of one side. Not only is that missing an opportunity to build a rapport amongst your team, it could completely disconnect the overall team. Having common goals and projects that are clear and outlined to every member of the team is crucial to achieving good results.

5. Lean into the Benefits of Hybrid Working

Being cognizant of the preferences of your team members is always a good way to show compassionate leadership. Employees are happier in a work environment that they feel takes care of them. Don’t force either side into a work environment that they feel doesn’t gel with them, but in the same vein, do your best to encourage them to stay in contact.

Studies show that productivity is not lost with a hybrid work environment, employees feel taken care of, and with a more virtual approach comes better technology literacy. Lean into the benefits of this model and see where it takes you. 

Communication has been and always will be an important part of working, regardless of if you’re remote, in-person, or a combination of both. For articles and tips on how to improve your communication skills or put the skills you already have to work, check out ASAP’s Communications section at

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