Best Ways to Prepare for a Zoom Interview

December 16, 2020


Great news: You’ve landed a job interview! With Zoom interviews now the norm, it’s time to prepare for your Zoom video conference with the hiring manager. The tips below will help you take advantage of Zoom’s features to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Download Zoom. Of course, first make sure Zoom is downloaded on both your computer and phone. That way, you can switch if one or the other crashes.

Dress for success. You may be at home, mostly hanging out in sweats, but appearance still counts. Dress as you would for an in-person interview. Solid colors look best on Zoom; avoid busy patterns, loud stripes and white or black shirts. 

Ditch distractions. Close the door. Silence your phone. Close the windows in the room—and any open windows on your computer. The latter can slow down bot your machine and Zoom). Square pets or children away in another part of your house.

Choose a serene background. A messy home office or any room filled with clutter sends the wrong message over Zoom. A blank wall is best. Sit two to three feet in front of it. Or use a calm Zoom virtual background.

Webcam position. Position your laptop at eye level. Stacking books under it works well. If you’re using your phone, place it on a phone mount so it remains stable throughout your meeting.

Lighting. For Zoom, natural light is best, especially soft light from a window. With a window behind you, you may appear as a silhouette. You position a light to your left and your right. Avoid fluorescents and overhead lights if possible.

Audio. Test your audio to make sure there’s no feedback or echo. Also, make sure it’s turned on. Remember that you can mute your mic while listening to the interviewer.

Project confidence.
Sit up straight, keep your arms at your side, smile and look straight at the camera. Show that you’re enthusiastic and engaged.

Do a test run. Practice with a friend or family member to make sure your setup and software work. Zoom lets you record meetings, so record your test run. Watch the recording. How might you improve your performance: Were you fidgeting? Was your voice too soft? Was your lighting okay? Fix any issues.

Sign out. After the meeting ends, make sure you’ve left the meeting, and your mic and camera are off!


And, good luck!

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