Collaborator How-To: How to Collaborate Better at Work

January 4, 2023


A group of three coworkers sit together and pore over plans. Image demonstrates the importance of being a good collaborator.
Learning how to be an effective collaborator will only make you a better team member.

Even as we got acclimated to remote work, there are very few jobs where you’re ever truly working alone. Even if you’re a manager who delegates tasks, you’ll still need to communicate with the people around you. No matter what level or role you occupy, you still have to be an effective collaborator.

But simply communicating deadlines or telling someone how to complete a task isn’t all there is to collaboration. In fact, communicating an order and then disappearing until it’s done is ineffective collaboration.

Working together on a project means truly working side-by-side. Collaboration is about communicating and assisting each other with every task. This way, your work not only gets done faster, but at a higher quality than if completed alone. 

Why Good Collaboration Skills Are the Most Valuable in the Workplace

You could be the fastest typer in the office, or you might make better PowerPoints than everyone else. You might even go through paperwork at a breakneck pace. But if you refuse to collaborate with others, your work will suffer. Not only that, your opportunities for growth in the company and in your career could dwindle. 

But more importantly, having collaborators by your side makes the work day easier. Moving through your day-to-day tasks and completing responsibilities efficiently is better when you share space with coworkers. More than that, you have a confidant, a cheerleader, and a partner in productivity. Collaboration skills are some of the most valuable in the workplace. It means you show up as a team member, not just a single employee.

Being Collaborative Opens You Up to New Ideas and Perspectives

Every person has a different story and background. The person next to you might view the world completely differently than you do! And with that comes an untapped well of wisdom. 

For this reason, consider opening up your mind to some new or different perspectives! Also, don’t be afraid to share your insights with your coworkers. On your own, your perspective is limited. With a collaborator by your side, you can teach each other something entirely new. Who knows what two minds together might come up with? Collaboration and teamwork optimize the quality of work. 

Use Them Collaboration Tools for Seamless Teamwork!

In today’s day and age, so many businesses and companies are, at the least, partially remote. And even though we’re constantly communicating digitally, we might not realize how distance could affect communication. 

That’s why handy tools like Google Drive, Trello, Todoist, and more are game-changers when it comes to seamless collaboration.

With Google Drive, you’re able to view, comment on, or even edit your teammates’ work in real-time. You can also provide more information to help them fine-tune their work or processes.

Or with tools like Trello and Todoist, you can lay out every step in the process when it comes to completing daily tasks. You can set deadlines, prioritize certain tasks, and assign tasks to members of your team. This way, everyone can clearly see who’s responsible for which task. 

Tracking your progress by checking items off a to-do list not only keeps things organized, but it gives your team a sense of accomplishment. Collaboration tools are essential for effective digital communication. 

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