Time Management Skills to Develop for a More Efficient Workplace

January 4, 2023


A woman stands in the middle of the photo with a phone pressed against her ear. Several hands are coming in from off-screen, trying to give her a notebook, a clipboard, and an abacus. Image demonstrates the need for time management skills.
Time management is always important, from your very first assignment in your very first job.

Time management is an important part of working on a team and in a company. Making sure your tasks are completed on time is an essential part of company productivity. It’s not only rude to keep other members of your team waiting on you. It can also be damaging to a major project when one team member is always behind. 

Managing your time well benefits more than just the place you work. Constantly feeling behind or rushing to get tasks done leaves you feeling stressed and pressured. Chronic stress can cause a deterioration in your health, making it harder for you to function day to day. Here are some time management skills for you to develop for your personal and workplace benefit. 

Important Time Management Skills to Improve

Time management isn’t just one skill. It’s a broad range of skills that will help you work efficiently throughout your day. These time management skills include:


Prioritizing is assigning importance to your tasks. The level of importance decides which tasks will take precedence over others. In order to do this, you need to understand how long a task will take and what is required to complete it. This will help you complete your tasks more efficiently and in order of importance. 


Planning ahead is critical for finishing projects on time. Create a schedule based on how long the tasks will take to complete and what preparation is required to begin. 


Setting realistic goals for yourself to accomplish throughout the day is essential for time management. It helps with motivation and can assist you with stress management as you increase efficiency. 


You need to be able to express your goals and needs both verbally and in written form. Tasks are accomplished more efficiently through delegation and teamwork if you can use proper communication. Communication also helps you personally as you outline your plans and schedules for the day. 

Time Management Tips

All the planning and scheduling in the world won’t help you if you don’t follow through. Here are some time management tips to help reinforce your plans and priorities throughout the day. 

Don’t Procrastinate

Start your tasks early if you have the opportunity to do so. It will give you time to break your responsibilities into smaller chunks. This helps you overcome the initial overwhelming feelings of a new task. Starting as soon as possible gives you ample time to prepare and prioritize as you move forward. 

Remember to Say No

You can’t do it all. Set limits and know what you’re willing to say yes to. If you overload your plate, your tasks will either be done poorly or go uncompleted. While going above and beyond can demonstrate dedication to your work, it is easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t have boundaries. 

Remember to Take a Break

Take a moment or two to step away and decompress. It will help you come back with a fresh perspective. It will also help manage any stress built up when completing a project. Your mind needs a moment to rest and reset. 

One Task at a Time

Multitasking is not as effective as it seems. Dedicating your attention to one project at a time helps you complete it faster with higher quality results. It reduces the potential for distractions, which helps you work faster. 

Learn Your Patterns

Are you more productive in the morning or the afternoon? Knowing when you hit your stride will help you plan your day more effectively. Schedule easier tasks during times you know you are less effective and more strenuous projects during your peak hours. 

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