How the Outside World Can Intensify Burnout in the Workplace

August 1, 2022


Simply put, burnout is a psychological reaction to prolonged stress. Burnout in the workplace seems to be more common than ever. World events and societal unrest are just a few reasons workers may feel overwhelmed. On top of this, inflation has caused many workers to work more for less pay than usual. Personal and non-work-related factors can directly influence a worker’s ethics and morale. Burnout may occur from feelings of being misunderstood in one’s professional life and their interference with personal values. You or a coworker may start recognizing signs of burnout, and the outside world can intensify these feelings.

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Burnout can be caused by many different things or a variety of things. The outside world can intensify these feelings if an employee is burnt out. A worker’s job may not be their passion and can cause feelings of disconnectedness. For example, an artist who spent their early days drawing may be forced into a career entirely different from what they hoped to pursue in their younger years. This artist may spend their days working while simultaneously dreaming of paying for their day's painting. This artist may not necessarily strive to be famous but, by default and because of this, is forced to spend their days doing work they may resent. 

Ultimately, the worker has harbored discontentment with their work until they care about it minimally. Harsh world events in the outside world may leave workers like this feeling stuck and like they do not have any other options to escape this situation. Employers must be mindful and self-aware of their role in the employee’s life rather than just viewing their employees as resources for company success. 

Recognizing the Signs of Burnout

Sometimes, you just need to be realistic with yourself. For example, have you been working insane hours without a break? Maybe people in your personal and work life ask too much of you, and hearing about another horrific event in the news is too much for you to take. Whatever the case, recognizing these signs is important in recovering from burnout. Ultimately, you need to give yourself a rest, or your body will do it for you. That is why so many people reach their breaking point and become burnt out without recognizing the signs of burnout prior.

The outside world can intensify these feelings dramatically. One of the most challenging things is constantly hearing about economic and political turmoil. This can leave you with feelings of uncertainty in your own life. You may wonder about your rental and housing status and feel the need to work constantly without a break. This is not healthy, as working to survive solely will not get you far if that work is unfulfilling. Furthermore, many other people are in the same situation as you. It is also essential to be mindful of the stress they may be enduring. 

Improving Workplace Burnout 

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