OneNote Tips & Tricks

August 4, 2021


Microsoft OneNote is a cloud-based information app that offers automatic backups to Office 365. You can capture various content types, such as notes, audio, video, and images. It also allows you to organize this content into relevant sections, pages, and notebooks. Microsoft has OneNote versions for every big platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

How to Improve Productivity with OneNote

You can switch seamlessly between devices due to its cloud-based nature. Other valuable OneNote tips are:

1. Convert Handwritten Information to Text

If your computing device supports a stylus, chances are you use it to input handwritten content into OneNote. The app allows you to convert it into digital text, making it look like you typed on a keyboard. Although it might show a few errors, you can still edit the text and merge it with other documents. To use this feature, first select the content you want to convert, then click on the "Draw" tab. Under the convert section, click on the "Ink to Text" option to complete the process.

2. Collaborate In Real-Time

Real-time collaboration allows more than one person to edit a document. These changes should be immediate, even though a few users report syncing delays. You may also share content with particular recipients via private links, which you can disable afterward. Other sharing options are via Bluetooth, email links, Google Drive, Wi-Fi Direct, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Evernote.

3. Record Meetings

If you attend lots of meetings but don't like taking notes, OneNote has a solution. Its audio recording feature allows you to participate fully in the event while keeping a file that you can review later. It's only available for laptops and Windows tablets. The mobile and online versions of OneNote don't offer it yet. Although you can use your webcam to record video, it doesn't make much sense. You'll only capture yourself while recording the same information as the audio option.

4. Make a Wiki Page

Since OneNote already has great collaborative and sharing tools, you can use it to create a wiki about shared interests. Building this page is as easy as creating links to associated pages and content. As you share and invite other members to participate, ensure you allow them to edit. That way, every team member can make relevant additions or changes to the notebook.

5. Make App Integrations

OneNote integrates seamlessly with other Office 365 products. You can insert meetings from Outlook and send emails. It’s also possible to send Excel worksheets, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and other Office documents to OneNote. This procedure involves opening the desired document and clicking on File>Print.

Once the print dialogue appears, select the “Send to OneNote” option. The app will open a popup to let you choose the relevant notebook. Several other apps integrate smoothly with OneNote. They include printer and scanner software, OneDrive, RSS readers, AutoCAD, webpage clippers, WordPress, and Zapier.

6. Password-Protect Your Notebooks

This feature is practical if you're collaborating with a large group but don't want to share some aspects of the project. You can only have passwords for sections, not entire notebooks. Once you open the relevant section, right-click on its tab and pick the "Password-protect this section" option.

A task pane will open, which will allow you to set the password. As an additional measure, these protected sections don’t appear in search results unless you disable the password.


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