Top Interview Questions Recruiters Ask Virtual Executive Assistants

February 28, 2022


Virtual Executive Assistants

So, you’re wanting to become a virtual assistant. While becoming a virtual assistant may not be easy, there are a few key ways in which you can approach the interview process for this position prepared and ready to go. As you may know, the interview is the most crucial part of the hiring process for both you and the employer. That said, this fact shouldn’t discourage you from giving an interview your all! You’ve come to the right place if you want to know more about how to become a virtual assistant.

Employers, hiring managers, and recruiters enter interviews knowing exactly what they’re going to ask you. While these questions may differ depending on the industry, most interview questions remain the same for a potential virtual EA. By knowing and understanding the basis for these questions, you can bolster your potential to land a virtual assistant job. Let’s get started!

Common Interview Questions for Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Whether your first job was in a supermarket or an office setting, chances are that you’re familiar with the interview process. But even though experience with interviews shouldn’t be underestimated, chances are you’ll need a refresher when it comes to a niche virtual executive assistant position. While some of the following questions may seem familiar, you may find that your responses to said questions should be tweaked a little differently.

What Are Your Areas Of Expertise?

This question dates way, way back. Yet, the relevance and importance of this question should not be understated. Recruiters will want to know what exactly you can bring to the table. As a virtual EA, your first and foremost response should focus on your ability to handle and manage multiple tasks at once. 

You should also emphasize your communication skills, responsiveness, and accolades which attest to your ability to communicate in a timely and responsive manner. Virtual EAs should also be self-motivated, given their remote workplace. Always be sure to stress what motivates you and how that motivation translates over into a reputable work ethic. 

How Long Have You Been a Virtual Assistant?

Whether you’re just starting out or have been a virtual EA before, there are many ways you can approach this question. Be sure to take your response(s) to this question into consideration prior to your interview, especially if you have little to no experience as an assistant.

For those with minimal or no experience as a virtual assistant, seeing this question listed in this article may make the interview process seem daunting. Don’t worry, recruiters often know that everyone has to start somewhere. For those with no experience, be sure to highlight your accolades at previous jobs or in school that depicts you as self-motivated, driven, and responsible. This could mean great grades, getting solid feedback from professors or employers, or even a moment in time where you truly excelled and the results speak for themselves. Whatever the case, be sure to emphasize your achievements!

For those with some or significant experience as a virtual assistant, the months/years in which you worked as an assistant will often speak for themselves. However, recruiters will want to know the extent of your role as a virtual assistant, and which tasks, duties, and/or responsibilities you were delegated. Ultimately, whether you have no, little, or a lot of experience as a virtual assistant, it’s imperative to emphasize what drives you as well as your accomplishments in order to establish your merit. 

Why Do You Want This Position?

This question can either serve as the goose that laid the golden egg or the calm before the storm. In the end, your response to this question will determine a recruiter’s interest in your services. This question can either tee you up to deliver the response the recruiter is looking for or set you up to fail if you give a crass response. In order to avoid a response that will turn off recruiters, be sure to recall why you wanted to become a virtual assistant. Also, be sure to consider what drove you to want this interview in the first place. 

By highlighting and emphasizing your drive and devotion to getting this job, a recruiter will respect the time you put in to get to the point of an interview. Always be sure to focus on your dedication, drive, and devotion as an individual rather than someone who simply needs a job to pay their bills. This will depict you as someone who truly cares about the work you will be tasked with, rather than someone who will simply clock in and clock out. Always remember why you wanted the position in the first place! That will drive you! 

Are You Preparing for an Interview as a Virtual Executive Assistant?

Be sure to check out the American Society of Administrative Professionals’ (ASAPs) article on landing a virtual executive assistant job. After understanding these key interview questions, the following article will help you bolster your skills as a virtual assistant!

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