Why Talking to Your Team About Difficult Current Events is Worthwhile

August 1, 2022


When major current events in the world are occurring, the last thing you may think of doing is talking about it in the workplace, especially if you are directly affected by these events. Furthermore, as an employee, when current political events seem to be happening more than ever, focusing on the task at hand can seem nearly impossible. This is why open dialog between workers and managers can be beneficial. In addition, talking to your team about current events in the world can help improve your team’s morale. 

How to handle outside current events in the workplace

Every person has a different reaction to current events in the world. For some, this may mean they are completely disoriented, and this causes a distraction at work. Others may be less inclined to pay attention to the news or world events and try not to let it affect their day-to-day actions. Many factors influence one’s reaction, including education, family background, and political stance. With clashing opinions, it can be difficult to keep politics out of the workplace, especially with current political events. 

While many social movements may directly impact your workers, taking a strong leadership role is important and letting your employees know you care. Many of your workers feel these events may be more important than what is happening in their life at work. If applicable, remind your employees that their work is making a change in the world. Hopefully, this will improve morale and attitudes about coming into the workplace during difficult times. It is also important to respect those who do not want to participate or be involved with current political events. For these employees, constantly hearing about current events may intensify feelings of burnout and discontent in the workplace. 

Offer personal solutions

As is the case with these current events, people will be affected disproportionately. When this happens, often, the best thing someone in a position of power can do is offer to help. This shows support without being overbearing. Some people may be encouraged to talk about current events, while others will thank you for your support and move on. Regardless, often the best thing to do is to show care and understanding when outside factors may stress employees.    

Additionally, many young employees prefer a workplace that cares about mental health. Many young people feel stressed more than ever about current and political world events. Talking with your team may allow a better mutual understanding. With financial hardship persisting, offering competitive pay shows employees they are cared for and seen as more than just a resource. Furthermore, employees may be experiencing difficult family situations, especially regarding finances. These workers may begin to feel overwhelmed and burnout. Offering paid time off and family leave is another excellent way to show you care as an employer. Having an understanding of difficult current events allows your employer to see that you are experiencing the same things as then, and you are trying your best to make things as least difficult as possible for them.

How to talk to your team about complex current events

Discussing these complex political current events can be a challenging topic to bring up with your team, especially if you are a worker that prefers to keep personal aspects out of the workplace. However, your team may feel disconnected, with recent current events being more frequent and drastic. Check out the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) for valuable tips on improving workplace communication. In addition, ASAP provides a series of educational tools and resources for administrative professionals and executive assistants for a better working experience.

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