Average Words Per Minute Typing: How Fast Is Fast Enough?

May 13, 2023


Hands on a keyboard, emphasizing the importance of words per minute typing speed.

If you are an administrative professional, you know how important average words per minute typing is. Some jobs even require a words-per-minute typing test during the hiring process. Even if your job does not require a specific threshold of typing speed, being able to type quickly is a valuable skill. 

Let’s take a look at what the average words per minute typing is, and how fast is fast enough for your administrative role. 

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What’s the Average Typing Speed?

For most people, the average typing speed is around 40 words per minute. However, for admins and executive assistants whose jobs heavily rely on computer skills, the average typing speed is around 60 words per minute. If you can produce at least 80 words per minute, you are considered an advanced typist. 

If you want to test your average typing speed, try an online typing test. There are many online platforms that offer free typing tests. Some of these sites also offer online typing tutoring, speed tests and drills, and certificates showing your best words per minute achievement. 

You may use these certificates in conjunction with your resume to show your typing speed. Additionally, if you aren’t happy with your words per minute the first time, you can practice and retake it. Then, you can use the better-timed certificate when ready. 

Improve Your Average Words Per Min Typing 

You can improve your average words per min typing with practice and speed drills. The fastest and most efficient way to type is to use the touch-type method.

The touch-type method of typing is when you use all of your fingers properly placed on the keyboard. Then, you type without looking at the keyboard. For this method of typing, you must memorize the position of all the keys on the keyboard and practice consistently. After ample practice, finding the right key will become second nature and your words per minute will progress and improve quickly. 

Improve Your Typing Speed

Here are seven tips to improve your average typing speed per minute: 

  • Test your current words per minute. Take the time to do an online typing test to find out your current words per minute. Once you have this number, you know what to build on and work to improve. 

  • Practice touch typing. Mastering touch typing is the only way to dramatically improve your average words per minute. If you are not touch typing, you need to learn how and practice until you are proficient at it. 

  • Get comfortable with the home row typing position for your fingers. Learn and practice the proper finger placement for touch typing. Your left hand should start on the “ASDF” keys, with your right hand starting on the “JKL:” keys. This is non-negotiable for good touch typing. 

  • Consider your typing posture. Good posture when typing is a game changer. Sit with your back straight, your feet flat on the floor, and your monitor tilted at a comfortable angle. Additionally, your screen should be more than 12 inches away from your face. 

  • Improve your computer and keyboard setup. If you are uncomfortable in your typing position, take a look at your computer setup. Ensure your keyboard is angled correctly for your wrists. Your screen should be tilted appropriately for your eyes. Also, your chair should be comfortable and offer lower back support. 

  • Do typing speed drills. Again, practice makes perfect! Find an online typing test platform and use it regularly. Even if your average words per minute creeps up slowly, ANY improvement is improvement. 

  • Practice typing regularly and retest your words per minute quarterly. Once you determine your current words per minute, set a reminder in your calendar to retest yourself every quarter. If you have a quarter where you did not improve, go back to square one and strengthen your skills. 

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