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April 27, 2022


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As more and more of the business world becomes digital, you might start to worry that you could fall behind if you can’t type as fast as others might be able to. It’s the same thing that inspired the use of shorthand for taking minutes of a meeting. Taking down as much information as you can in the shortest amount of time so you don’t miss any important details.

And even though no one is asking for a court stenographer in the workplace (unless, of course, your workplace is a courtroom), it can never hurt to increase your words per minute, even if just for your own sanity and time management.

Whether you’re a chronic hunt-and-pecker on the keyboard or well-versed in tickling the digital ivories, there’s always more to learn.

Going Back to Basics Can Promote Faster Typing 

Practice makes perfect! 

Don’t be afraid to go back and refresh yourself with the basic concepts behind touch typing. This will be a lot more efficient than working off of memory of your middle school typing lessons. 

There are plenty of speed typing games on the App Store or online that can make relearning and improving your typing skills easy and fun! ZType, Tux Typing, and even Pokemon: Typing Adventure are some titles to check out. 

And of course, there’s good, old Mavis Beacon.

Figure Out How to Type Faster By Setting Goals

Set a goal for yourself based on what you want to improve about your typing. Do you want to type faster or more accurately? Do you want more words per minute or less errors when you type? The answers to these questions can change how you train your typing. 

Come up with a daily typing practice for yourself. Listen to a video or find a phrase that you can practice 10 or 20 times every day. Over time, your muscles will remember the pattern and get faster. 

These practice sessions will help you develop habits that deliver content quicker with fewer mistakes. Don’t be afraid to use a spell checker or an autocorrect feature if you need speed and can’t go back to fix mistakes in the moment.

Challenge yourself!

Fix Your Posture and Environment

Even though your fingers are the most active part of typing, maintaining good posture is an essential factor. The way you sit when typing or using a computer can cause back pain and even affect your focus and energy levels. Computer vision syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury are also a risk you take. 

Make sure you take breaks and get up to stretch every once and a while. Maybe even get in some finger exercises. 

When you ARE typing, keep your elbows at your sides and try to avoid resting your wrists on the desk. 

Keep your feet flat on the ground, keep shoulders relaxed, and your back straight. If you’re having trouble disciplining your own posture, consider a typing chair, a lumbar pillow for your back, or even a standing desk!

Upgrade your Rig

There comes a time when you might not be able to improve any more because of your current keyboard. We don’t recommend this being the FIRST change you make when you want to improve typing, but if you’re still not seeing the improvements you want, it’s something to consider. 

Consider upgrading to an ergonomic keyboard, which is divided into two parts at around a 45-degree angle. This creates a more relaxed, natural position for your hands and keeps the letters on each side clearly divided, making sure the right muscles on each side are working to create those habits instead of jumping to the other side of the keyboard. 

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to rely on technology. Learn more about Third-Party Typing Apps with the experts at ASAP!

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