How to Avoid Attrition Penalties on Your Company Meetings

June 4, 2014


As a refresher, attrition is the term used to describe the resulting deficiency when your actual room block pickup is less than what you contracted – if you don’t “make” your room block, then you’re “in attrition.” The term also describes the amount of leeway a hotel offers you if you don’t pick up your block – as in, “You have 20% allowable attrition.”
The three methods most frequently used are:

  • Blind Cuts
  • Cut-off Dates
  • Attrition

The more you know and understand them from the hotel’s point of view, the more it will help you to effectively manage your room block. Don’t take it personally: hotels want you to fill your block, but they also have a realistic outlook and an obligation to keep the hotel busy.

Everyone will agree that paying for unused rooms is not a desirable situation. (Hotels don’t want it either, because paying guests spend money at hotels outside of their rooms as well.) But there are strategies that you can use to monitor your block and actively mitigate this risk before it becomes a hard fact. By all means, you can – and should – negotiate the terms with hotels before signing the contract. We outline all of your options in our FREE Guide to Room Block Management & Avoiding Attrition. You’ll learn more about:

  • How to best negotiate the contract terms for your situation
  • When to communicate changes in your room block
  • How hotels forecast group business & how it affects your block

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