How to Cultivate Resilience at Work

June 15, 2021


Resilience at work matters, especially today, as stress and uncertainty have upended our lives and work. Resilience—the ability to bounce back from adversity—helps us cope, even thrive, despite huge changes and challenges. It helps us curb distress, depression, and burnout. Here’s how people who are resilient at work build the skills that enhance their connections, confidence, and success.

Resilient people see the cup as half full. They’re able to view uncomfortable experiences in a positive light. Rather than jumping to an immediate negative conclusion, they think: “How can I make the best of this situation?”

Resilient people develop strong support networks. Their friends, coworkers, mentors and family members are sources of guidance and encouragement who help them overcome challenges and setbacks.   

Resilient people welcome challenges. They remain positive in the face of obstacles. They see criticism, mistakes—even out-and-out failures—as opportunities to learn and grow. They thrive—even flourish—under pressure.

Resilient people embrace their fears. They’re willing to leave their comfort zones and drive into projects and opportunities that others might shy away from.

Resilient people don’t play the victim. Bad luck? A bad day? They happen to all of us. Resilient people don’t hold grudges, or believe the world is out to get them, or feel a sense of entitlement. They focus instead on plans to bring about success.

Resilient people maintain a healthy sense of humor. They can laugh out loud at their own mistakes and foibles. This, in turn, lightens the mood for everyone around them and makes working with them a positive, fun experience. 

Resilient people are team players. When someone needs help, they dive right in. And when they help other people succeed, everyone benefits.

Resilient people find meaning in their jobs. Believing that work has value provides an emotional connection to it—and is extremely motivating.  

Resilient people are authentic. They behave in ways that are true to their values and beliefs. They’re kind, caring, and always seek out the good in others.

Resilient people act mindfully. They’re attuned to their thoughts and feelings in order to understand when they might be holding themselves back and when they’re ready to push themselves forward!

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