The Best Way to Keep Track of Your Executive's Calendar

November 30, 2016


Google Calendar's premise is pretty simple. When you sign up for your Google account, you have a default calendar where you can add events, reminders and more. When you bring in other calendars, each can have its own color. You have all the capabilities you'd expect in a modern calendar, such as the ability to quickly add events (just type "Dinner with D.J. at 6" for an instant entry, for example), the opportunity to invite people to a meeting and the option to set recurring events.

Using Multiple Calendars and Sharing
Google lets you add, integrate or create any number of calendars so you can see your entire world in one place. If you want to add your executives' calendar from outside Google, you have plenty of options. You can add a Google calendar from a contact with a Google account or add a calendar feed via a URL in the iCalendar format, which will end with ".ics".

Syncing Google Calendar and Outlook
Back in the day (before August 2014), Google provided a handy synchronization tool that allowed people to synchronize their Outlook and Google Calendar accounts. When Google killed the free tool (you can still find it if you pay for a G Suite account), people turned to low-cost third-party systems to keep using both platforms. CompanionLink is a great option (, as is gSyncit (

Beth Ziesenis is Your Nerdy Best Friend. She is the author of several books on technology including Nerd Know-How: The 27+ Best Apps for Work ... & How to Use 'Em! Beth travels the country talking to organizations about free and bargain technology.

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