Proven Productivity Tips that are Guaranteed

January 30, 2017


Being more productive at work means managing our time more effectively—so we don’t work longer or harder than we absolutely must. Use these 10 simple, but effective, hacks to double your productivity at work.

1. Start your day by tackling the task you dislike the most. When it’s completed, you’ll feel as if a weight has been lifted—and you’ll be primed and ready to move forward.

2. Got a few short tasks you can finish in five minutes or less? Do them now, rather than spending even more time adding them to a “to do” list for later.

3. Putting off a huge project because it feels unmanageable? Do the first thing necessary to get it off the ground. Then, do the next thing, and the next. Breaking big tasks into small steps will always give you back a sense of control. 

4. Whenever possible, skip meetings. If you must attend, see if you can dial in via phone or Skype. Alternately, hold “standing” meetings, which are often more productive than sit-downs. 

5. Deep-six interruptions. Even tiny ones break our concentration and slow productivity. For some amount of time each day, ignore email, texts and voicemail. Put your head down and do your work. (If an issue is urgent enough, someone is sure to come around to let you know.)  

6. Forget perfectionism. Don’t agonize over finding the perfect solution—because “perfect” doesn’t exist. Use your best knowledge and instincts when making decisions and completing work.

7. Commit to one task before tackling next one. Focus, focus, focus and see how much more you get done than you would if you bounced from project to project.

8. Say “No” when you need to—or delegate. When there’s too much on your plate to make your deadlines or do a good job, explain this to the boss. See if you can either put off a porject until a later time, or delegate to a co-worker. 

9. Allow yourself downtime after hours. Getting quality “me” time at night and during the weekend will give you a chance to relax, refresh, and—as a result—improve your productivity when you return to work.

10. Use an app like Rescue Time to figure out how long you actually spend on each task. Then determine how you might streamline tasks that are dragging on and on.

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