Essential Career-Boosting Training Programs for Administrative Assistants

December 12, 2023


a group of admins talking before a training event at the administrative professionals conference
Attendees talking before a training at the Administrative Professionals Conference 2023.

In any job, continued education and training are essential to grow, develop new skills, and add value to your role. For administrative assistants, there are often new skills to learn. 

Being proactive about professional development improves the likelihood of advancing your career. Largely, this is because you are taking the time to stay educated, informed, and proficient in your role.

Let’s discuss the importance of career training programs, why they’re valuable, and the best training events and courses for admin professionals in the US.

Why Employee Training Is So Valuable

Admin professionals can gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience from training programs. Let’s highlight the most significant benefits of continued education and training for admin assistants.

Developing Soft Skills

As an administrative assistant, developing interpersonal skills will help you communicate more effectively, build productive relationships with leaders and colleagues, and even create a healthy work environment. Some courses focus specifically on soft skill development, including communication, leadership, and efficiency skills, such as task and time management.

Gaining Technical Proficiency

There are courses and certifications geared toward specific software and programs. Say your role requires an advanced understanding of spreadsheets, data entry, or project management software. Taking a training course is a wise move to become more savvy with the technology you’ll use regularly, from AI to Excel and everything in between. 

Looking to combine technical and soft skills training in one certification? Earn the Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE) to gain proficiency across four modules: Interpersonal Communication, Task & Project Management, Computer & Internet Technology, and Management Skills.

Building Confidence in Your Abilities

As we learn, we’re more likely to take on new challenges, grow, and thrive in our careers. This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes along the way, but you’ll become more confident in your abilities after attending a training event such as APC or EA Ignite.

Top Leadership Training Programs for Admin Professionals

Are you wondering what kinds of career training you should seek as an administrative professional? The following section covers the top career training programs for admins today and what you’ll gain from attending.


The Administrative Professionals Conference (APC) is a premier training and networking event that draws over 2,000 administrative professionals each year.

APC offers interactive training sessions from leading experts, as well as inspiring keynotes, summits, and networking opportunities. You'll gain new efficiency, technology, communication, and leadership skills to bring back to your office with confidence. 

EA Ignite

EA Ignite is an exclusive training event for executive business partners and admins looking to advance to the highest levels of executive operations. Held annually in cities across the United States, EA Ignite offers immersive, hands-on experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

Admins can bring more to the leadership table if they have executive-level skills, but these can be difficult to learn on the fly. That's why EA Ignite provides training in project management, strategic thinking, change management, and decision-making. Ultimately, admins with these skills can make a significant impact on their organizations.

ASAP Webinars and Courses

The American Society of Administratice Professionals (ASAP) offers robust training resources for admins and executive assistants to supercharge their professional development. 

ASAP webinars provide training on new technology, inbox management, career mapping, prioritizing with executive stakeholders, and much more. 

Boost Your Career with ASAP 

Continued education is essential for improving your skills and value as an administrative professional. The more you pour into yourself as an employee, the more success and growth you will experience in your career.

ASAP provides ample resources, including free downloads, to support all admins. Consider joining ASAP as a member today and take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer.

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