Employee Training: Empower Yourself with These Courses

February 10, 2023


A group of coworkers sit at the same computer while on their coworkers explains something on his screen. Image demonstrates the importance of employee training.
Employee training courses are available to help you learn how to grow and improve towards your goals.

The best way to advance your career is to invest in your own growth. Many companies and organizations will invest in employee development by providing targeted training resources. 

Employee training courses can be empowering and give workers a leg up when it comes to advancing their careers. These training resources can range from highly specific skills training, to general lessons on best practices. While everybody should seek out development programs specific to their needs, there are also a few essential training courses everyone should take. 

Here are some of the most important employee training and development courses for those looking to grow their careers.

Employee Training Courses

Time Management

No matter who you are or where you are in your career, time management is crucial. For administrative assistants, how you balance your many responsibilities is one of the most important aspects of your work day. It may sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to get done. But, by implementing effective time management strategies, you can increase productivity and reduce stress.

Taking a time management employee training course can help you develop new skills or perfect existing ones. It can also help you identify areas where your time management habits need improvement.

Project Management

Not everybody is tasked with the responsibility of project management. But being comfortable in the role of a project manager is a tremendous asset for any employee. This will open many doors for you in your career, and also provide an opportunity to learn new skills. 

But, you have to start somewhere. If you have never been a project manager before, consider taking a course for inexperienced project managers. If you have some experience with project management, you might look for more advanced courses. The People Side of Project Management: Overcoming Challenges & Getting Things Done is a web course focused on how to direct your team as project manager.


Communication is at the heart of nearly everything we do in our careers. Even a good communicator can become a great one by seeking out communication-focused employee training materials. 

Webinars like Communicating Strategically for Results help to contextualize all the different forms and contexts of communication we encounter in our professional lives. Other employee training and development resources might focus on more situation-specific communication skills, like 4 Steps to Effectively Communicate with Emotional Intelligence

No matter your goals or position, honing your professional communication skills will always be useful.


Like communication, leadership skills are always an asset to have. Even if you aren’t currently in a leadership role, possessing the skill set of a leader is great. In fact, “leadership” and “management” are not the same thing. Any employee can be a leader. Leadership is more about attitude, empathy, and demeanor than authority.

There are tons of great employee training materials out there that can help develop leadership skills. This is in part because there are so many different ways to be a leader. 

Learn to lead by example or to be a leader regardless of your position at work. There are dozens of ways to demonstrate and practice leadership. And, contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to learn how to be a leader. You just have to seek out opportunities and resources to train yourself.

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