How to Create a Culture of Employee Appreciation and Recognition

July 2, 2023


A woman, who is the boss, shakes a man's hand, who is her employee. They are surrounded by three other employees. This is demonstrating employee appreciation.

Employee appreciation is a vital component of a successful and positive workplace culture. Acknowledging and recognizing employees for their hard work significantly impacts employee morale and overall productivity. 

Let’s explore some practical ways to create a culture of employee appreciation and recognition and why it’s so important to recognize your employee's contributions. 

Employee Appreciation Gifts Are More Than Just a Gift 

Employee appreciation gifts (i.e., recognition) are critical in building a company culture that values its employees. Administrative professionals play a central role in the daily operations of an organization. It is essential to ensure employees feel valued and appreciated for their efforts. 

Even a small gesture, such as an employee appreciation gift, can go a long way in making an employee's day. It’s less about the gifts purchased and more about taking the time to think of and acknowledge the hard-working employees. 

When appreciation and recognition are lacking in the workplace, employees tend to feel undervalued and unappreciated. This leads to low workplace morale, disengagement, and high turnover. However, employees who feel appreciated and recognized tend to be more motivated and productive. As a result, job satisfaction and retention improve. 

Establishing an Employee Recognition Program 

To create a workplace culture that embraces and values employee recognition, it is important to involve everyone in the organization. This includes everyone from top-level management to entry-level employees. Leaders can set an example by recognizing and appreciating employees publicly and leading with positivity and encouragement. 

Creating a formal employee recognition program is a great way to integrate regular employee appreciation and recognition. Some great ways to jumpstart a program like this are to celebrate employee milestones. This could be a work anniversary, a promotion, or successful project completion. 

The key is to make it standard across the board and ensure it becomes and remains routine. Delegate one person to keep a calendar of workplace anniversaries and ensure that your human resources department notifies you of promotions or lateral job changes. 

Furthermore, ensure that project managers notify upper-level management of project completions and note who the top producers of the project are. 

Starting here with a basic yet formal employee recognition program is a great way to get a headstart on shifting your organization's culture. 

5 Practical Employee Recognition Ideas 

There are a variety of ways to celebrate and recognize employees. Again, it is not so much about the gift itself but more about showing your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Here are five practical and popular employee recognition ideas. 

  • A gift card to a local eatery, shopping establishment, or a general VISA gift card 

  • Customized items such as stationery, work bags, or jewelry 

  • A catered lunch or lunch out to a nice restaurant for a project team or employee. If for a single employee, allow them to invite 4-5 colleagues of their choosing. 

  • Additional paid time off is a great way to recognize employees for achieving longer tenure within the company, such as at the five-year mark, 10-year mark, and so on. 

  • Personalized and well-thought-out gift baskets catering to the individual employee's likes and preferences 

Overall, employee appreciation and recognition should be a priority in companies and especially in the administrative profession. Acknowledging your top producers and dedicated employees will lead to a more engaged, motivated, and productive team. 

Moreover, implementing strategies that demonstrate appreciation and show you value your employees will inevitably lead to more production, expansion, and success for your organization. 

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