HR Functions that Human Resources Administrators Need

December 20, 2022


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There are several different layers to what the HR functions a Human Resources Administrator deals with.

The Human Resources department is a vital component of any thriving workplace. Working in HR means you oversee a company's overall functionality and how people relate within it. HR, in many cases, is the heartbeat of a work environment.

Managing the experiences of the employees within your company is a big responsibility. What are the HR functions you’ll need as a Human Resources administrator? Here’s what burgeoning and seasoned HR administrators need for a successful career in HR.

The Different Roles in a Human Resource Career

Before we get into the functions needed for HR administration, it’s essential to identify the different roles in a Human Resource career. 

Responsibilities of an HR Manager

An HR manager is one of the highest roles in an HR career. Like an HR generalist, managers must coordinate all relations between team members. They typically serve as a bridge between upper management and the company’s employees. This role requires strategy, people skills, and management experience.

Responsibilities of an HR Generalist

The role of an HR generalist is to manage current employees and all issues regarding employee relations. This can include pay administration, interviewing potential staff, enforcing company policies, and informing employees of company benefits. An HR generalist focuses on day-to-day tasks, and they usually work in tandem with the HR manager.

Responsibilities of an HR Administrator

As for an HR administrator, this role requires daily record-keeping and documentation of all the happenings in the HR department. In most cases, the HR administrator is the first point of contact for all things Human Resources. Each company possesses distinct hierarchies. Depending on the structure of your company, the duties of an HR administrator may vary.

Necessary Functions for Human Resources Administration

HR administration requires a lot of organization, attention to detail, and diligence. It’s a big responsibility to be an HR administrator! This is why some basic tenets can prove helpful. If you’re diving headfirst into a career in Human Resources administration, here are some of the responsibilities. 


A great HR administrator has an acute attention to detail, and they’re highly organized. In many cases, an HR administrator is responsible for overseeing personnel records, payroll, employee contracts, new hire paperwork, and budgeting. HR administrators wear many different hats and need to keep diligent records of the company’s paperwork. Organization is key.

Communication Skills

Incredible interpersonal relating skills are a necessary part of any career in HR. Most HR professionals have a natural gift for communication. This is because HR administrators facilitate relations between employees, executives, and even potential hires. An HR administrator may assist with new employee recruitment, onboarding, and talent acquisition. An HR professional must be ready to answer questions, provide feedback, and communicate with clarity.

Management Skills

Though some HR administrators don’t manage employees directly, most should have skills and experience with management. The HR department is responsible for enforcing company policies and procedures. There may be some cases where HR administrators need to manage employees or are placed in a role of leadership.

Data Management and Entry

Data management falls into the category of having keen organizational skills. However, data entry is a big part of an HR administrative role. Organized data is a necessary component of a successful HR department. Data entry for new hires, personnel records, HR software, payroll documentation, and more will be required.


A truly great HR administrator should adapt to their circumstances and maintain a flexible attitude. Think on your feet, be flexible, and be ready to make snap decisions. 

Becoming a Human Resources Administrator: Be Prepared

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