Mastering Change at Work

June 30, 2016


Change is always disconcerting, especially when you have little or no control over that change, or fear your job may be on the line. However, with the right outlook, you’re likely to find opportunities in whatever changes are headed your way at work when you:

• Acknowledge that change is a constant. The workplace changes from year to year, month to month, and even day to day. When we admit to ourselves that change is inevitable, we’ll be more prepared to cope with change when it occurs.

• Communicate. If you’re unsure of exactly what’s coming, talk to everyone you can to learn more. Ask questions about how you can best adapt. Those who’ve been through similar changes should have good insights to share with you. 

• Stay flexible. Accept any new tasks and challenges you’re given with good grace. Be ready to learn all you can in order to exceed expectations.

• Do your work. Even if you feel angry about changes that may occur or are already in place, if you drop the ball, you’ll have far greater problems. Focusing on your work can help keep you occupied and centered—and impress the boss.  

• Stay positive. It’s difficult to stay upbeat when we’re scared. But we must try. A negative attitude and angry words will turn off coworkers—and even family members. Try to find the good in what’s happening. Each day, write down things for which you are grateful. You may be surprised to find big changes—in your attitude!

• Stay future-focused. Months from now, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover you’re happy with your new situation. Actively seek out benefits that might arise from whatever change is occurring.   

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