Mastering the Art of Event Management: Tips for Success

November 7, 2023


A group of professionals gather around a table at an event, demonstrating successful event management.

For many organizations, events such as company retreats, parties to celebrate staff, and other corporate functions are a very important facet of the company’s success.

Event planning involves communication and collaboration with many departments and a lot of organizations. Therefore, it is no surprise that executive assistants, administrative assistants, and office managers are often involved or are in charge of planning company events. 

As you assist in event planning or hope to lead the charge someday, there are many skills and qualities you need to develop to become an event-planning extraordinaire.

Becoming a Successful Event Manager 

The best way to become a successful event manager is simple — start planning events! You’ll learn as you go and gain many valuable qualities and skills. Here are the most beneficial traits and steps you can take to ensure your success and growth as an event manager. 


Whether you’re planning a company holiday party, an executive retreat, or a corporate training, delegation is vital to your success! Enlist team members willing and able to help with different event elements to take some planning off your plate. 

This can include securing the catering, organizing the welcome baskets, finding the DJ or other vendors, or being available to help on the day of. A supportive, capable team will allow you to focus on big-picture tasks throughout the planning phase and at the event itself. 

Be Flexible 

No event is perfect, and something usually changes at the last minute. Staying calm and remaining flexible allows you to shift the schedule and adjust accordingly. Whether a vendor cancels, someone shows up late, or the food gets mixed up, prepare for anything and adapt as needed!

Stay Calm

With so many moving parts and things out of your control, stress is normal in event planning. 

There’s always pressure to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Maintaining a calm demeanor will help everyone you’re working with to stay productive, focused, and able to problem-solve as issues arise. 

Plan Ahead of Time

While this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many event planners don’t give themselves enough leeway to develop a thorough plan. 

Once you have the event date confirmed, start reaching out to venues so you can secure a location. Most venues require a large-scale event at least a year in advance, so plan accordingly. If you’re organizing something smaller, this tip still rings true. The sooner you can start booking, the more prepared you’ll be. 

Taking Your Events Management Skills to the Next Level

As an administrative assistant, executive assistant, or office manager, events management may be one of your primary job functions. As you grow in your role, here are a few ways to show your organization how you are sharpening your skills. 

Implement Event Technology

Improve your efficiency during event planning by adopting new tools and technology. Event technology can help you measure event key performance indicators (KPIs), streamline mundane tasks, organize attendees' information, and much more. 

From check-in apps to registration software, technology can make your job easier and improve the experience for guests. 

Build a Network

Keep a running list of vendors, partners, venues, and other contacts in the industry that you’ve enjoyed working with. Having trusted connections makes planning every event easier because you already have established relationships. 

A solid network will impress the executives and leaders involved in the event, showing your commitment and professionalism.  

Continued Training and Education

Practice makes perfect, and event planning is no exception. From event planning certifications to courses designed to hone your skills, continued training and education are essential to fine-tuning your skills. 

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