PACE Success Stories: Zach Brown

January 5, 2024


Zach Brown, executive assistant at AdventHealth Daytona Beach

Welcome to our PACE Success Stories series! ASAP's Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE) positions you as a highly credible professional who is serious about your career in the administrative field. Below you will find the experience of a PACE-certified admin, including how the program has positively impacted their professional goals and career pursuits. 

We invited Zach Brown, executive assistant at AdventHealth Daytona Beach, to speak on his journey towards becoming PACE certified and the success he has experienced as a result.

Why did you decide to pursue certification as an administrative professional?

Zach Brown: One of the main reasons I decided to pursue certification as an administrative professional was to enhance my skills and knowledge. I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to excellence and continuous learning, and gain more confidence and recognition in my role.

What was your experience going through the course? How long did it take to complete?

I went a different route and only worked through the PACE study guide for the exam. I opted not to take any supplemental courses for my studies. It took me about four months to complete my work, which might seem like a long period of time considering the depth and breadth of the content, but I took the time to go back through the materials and my notes several times. I started off by taking the practice test to see what types of questions would be asked and where my current knowledge stood. I spent an average of four hours per week studying the materials, doing the assignments, and taking the quizzes.

I also reviewed the online discussions and webinars, which were very helpful and interactive. I found the guide to be well-structured, engaging, and flexible, allowing me to learn at my own pace and schedule. The course was challenging, but also enjoyable and rewarding. I felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I passed the final exam and received my PACE certificate.

What topic did you enjoy or think was the most beneficial while progressing through the course?

One topic that I enjoyed and think was beneficial while progressing through the course was the technology portion. Technology is a vital aspect of our modern society, and it has a significant impact on various domains and fields, such as education, health, business, communication, entertainment, and more. Therefore, learning about technology, and how to use, create, and evaluate it effectively and ethically, was very relevant and useful for me.

The course enabled me to use, create, and evaluate technology in various ways, such as using online tools and platforms for communication and collaboration, and creating digital artifacts and products for my projects. Through these activities, I was able to enhance my technical skills and knowledge.

How has receiving your PACE directly impacted your professional goals and career pursuits?

I have only recently passed the PACE exam, but passing was a rewarding experience that has given me a sense of accomplishment and confidence. I was able to take the concepts in the study materials and apply them to real world situations in my daily tasks for my C-suite. Passing the exam also validated the knowledge I already had.

I’m excited about new opportunities and possibilities for me, as this certification will enhance my resume and portfolio, and increase my visibility and credibility in the field. Having my PACE designation shows that I am committed to continuous learning and improvement, and that I have the skills and knowledge that are relevant and valuable in today's dynamic and diverse work environment. It also helps me to network and connect with other professionals who have their PACE, and to learn from their experiences and insights.

The PACE exam provided me with a good foundation to build on, and opened my eyes to explore new areas and topics that interest me. I intend to continue my education and training, and to seek out new challenges and opportunities that will help me to grow and advance as an administrative professional.

What advice would you offer to other admins interested in getting their PACE to level up your career?

1. Focus and engage with a topic that is relevant and interesting to you

This will help you to stay motivated throughout the course so you can apply what you learn to your current or future work situations.

2. Plan ahead and manage your time wisely

The course requires a lot of commitment and dedication, and you need to balance them with your other work and personal obligations. Therefore, it is important to create a realistic and flexible schedule that allows you to allocate sufficient time and resources for each component of the course and to adjust it as needed.

3. Seek support and guidance

The course can be challenging and overwhelming at times, and you may encounter difficulties or uncertainties along the way. It’s beneficial to reach out to your peers, who can provide you with valuable advice, feedback, assistance, and encouragement. They can also help you to network and connect with other professionals and experts in your field of interest, and to access useful information and resources that can enhance your learning and project outcomes.

4. Enjoy the learning and celebrate your achievements!

The course not only gives you the opportunity to develop and showcase your skills and knowledge, but to also explore and discover new areas of interest. If you want to challenge and grow yourself personally and professionally, you'll have fun and experience endless satisfaction along the way!

More about Zach:

Zach Brown is the executive assistant to the chief operating officer and chief nursing officer at AdventHealth Daytona Beach.

Based in Altamonte Springs, AdventHealth is one of the nation’s largest faith-based health care systems and is the only one headquartered in Florida. AdventHealth Daytona Beach is a 362-bed hospital and has received numerous accolades and national recognition for clinical excellence. It is one of 18 hospitals in the country to receive consecutive "A" safety grades since 2012 and is recognized as the #1 hospital in Volusia and Flagler counties by U.S. News and World Report.

With more than six years of experience in patient access services, administrative assistance, and Epic system implementation, Zach was also an Epic-credentialed trainer. As the entire company transitioned to Epic’s electronic medical record platform, he was an instrumental part of the patient access training team.

He is skilled in Excel, PowerPoint, data analysis, and customer service. A notary public, Zach also has a background in television meteorology and journalism, having worked as a morning and weekend weather forecaster, anchor, and reporter for several stations.

Zach holds both the Professional Administrative Certificate of Excellence (PACE) from the American Society of Administrative Professionals, and the Certified Administrative Professional certification from the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with family. Zach is active with the local LGBTQ+ organization and lives in Deltona, Florida, with his husband, Jonathan, two rescue dogs, and a rescue cat.

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