10 Tried-and-True Confidence Builders

October 9, 2018


Confidence and success go hand in hand. The good news is that confidence can be learned. Here are ten ways to improve yours. 


1.  Ditch complainers. Stay away from whiners and naysayers who try to bring others down. (That includes family, friends and colleagues). Spend time with upbeat people who offer encouragement and inspiration—in other words, people who spread positivity.

2. Shake things up. If you’re in a rut, getting out can be as simple as trying new things—a new food, new music, a new exercise regimen. Stepping out of your comfort zone builds confidence by showing you that new experiences aren’t as intimidating as you’d imagined.

3. Get training. When we fear that our skills aren’t up to par, we feel unmoored. The solution? Take an online course, attend a seminar, read industry publications. Expanding your knowledge and skills will enhance your productivity—and give you the confidence to tackle every task.

4. Stop negative self-talk. Don’t say, “I can’t.” Do say, “How can I…?” Make a greater effort, not excuses. Concentrate on your successes. Did you turn around a time-sensitive project? Win praise from the boss? Change your focus to those achievements.

5.  Ask for help. You’re surrounded by a wealth of knowledge in the form of your coworkers and boss. Having them help you solve challenges is sure to grow your confidence.

6. Speak up. We build confidence when we risk sharing our views. Even when others don’t agree, at least we’ve overcome our fear of saying our piece.

7.  Create clear priorities. Once you decide which projects and tasks are the most crucial to your job, you’ll be able to plan your next steps with assurance.

8. Ask to helm a project. After completing it successfully, you’ll feel more confident. (And you’ll know the boss believes in you!)

9. Act on constructive criticism. For instance, if others say you need to be more proactive, consider that feedback, change your behavior, and see if they weren’t correct.

10.  Project positive energy. Greet everyone with a smile.Walk with your head high and make eye contact. The more positive energy you project, the more confident you’ll feel.

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