5 Ways to Prepare for Your Performance Review

October 22, 2015


If you follow some of our tips, you should feel more comfortable and confident during your review. The Review should be an open dialogue between both of you that will prove beneficial in the year ahead. Good luck!

Here are five solid ways to get ready for your review:

Prepare. Before sitting down with the boss, make sure to look over the objectives that you agreed upon in your last review. Be ready to cite examples of how you’re working toward achieving your goals. Consider any potential performance problems, and be ready to show how you plan to successfully address those issues.

Share supporting facts and figures. Create a list of your successes. The more specific and measurable your information, the better, i.e., “I saved the organization $25K through my consolidation of two accounting functions.” Also, make sure to tell the boss about feedback you’re received from others who believe your performance has been stellar.

Be ready to revise your goals. Objectives sometimes change, for reasons that you can’t control. Perhaps a business strategy has changed and your goal no longer applies. If that’s the case, you and the boss will want to create alternate goals.

Send a positive message. Discuss how you see your role in the organization developing and how your positive performance makes you a great candidate for future promotional opportunities. Remind your manager of why your performance deserves to be rated “superior.” Your boss, in turn, should want to consider giving you new assignments that will keep you challenged and motivated.

Schedule your own “review.” Schedule time every three to four weeks to review your goals. Write down your progress toward each objective and list specifics about how you plan to proceed. This will make your year-end review go more smoothly, and make it easier to focus on and achieve your goals.

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