6 Hidden Perks of Administrative Office Jobs


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There are hundreds of different administrative office jobs just waiting to be filled, and while it might cost some time and money to get educated or certified, you can work in virtually any field doing all sorts of jobs, from bookkeeping, data entry, transcription, and human resources to office software management. 

And of course, the typical perks you think of when you think of any job is a steady paycheck, building relationships and connections, insurance and other benefits, but that’s pretty general. What specific perks are there for someone who chooses to take a job in administration? 

The Perks of Administrative Assistant Jobs:

1.You Get to Know a Little Bit of Everything

When you take an administrative assistant job, you have your hands in all sorts of pots. You might be taking minutes for or transcribing a meeting, planning travel by booking flights and hotels, working with all sorts of softwares, meeting potential clients, partners, and investors, and entering data for finances. Basically, you’re keeping things organized and accessible for everyone who works in the company. 

It’s not always a one-person job and sometimes you might be more involved with data entry, while other times you might be doing more personal tasks for your employer. You’re going to know a fair bit about everything going on at your organization and you’ll end up being a bit familiar with everyone, too. If you love new challenges, solving problems, and meeting new people, this is a great job for you!

2. Making Plans

Administrative assistants in office jobs spend a ton of their time organizing, planning, strategizing, calculating, and mapping things out. Whether it’s planning for travel, meetings, conferences, projects, or anything else, you’re going to be making connections and finding the best fit for your organization and their needs.

If you love making plans and working on all the little details to make them perfect, this is a great job for you! Put your stellar organization skills to good use in an office administration job!

3. Upward Momentum

As they learn and develop new skills, people in administrative jobs can take on more responsibilities, play a greater role in the company, get better jobs (whether in or outside of their current organization), get better pay and benefits, and more!

Longevity in the role is one way to grow in your career, but getting an Administrative Assistant Certification in one of many different categories can open new doors for all sorts of things.

If you’re a go-getter with ambitions to climb the career ladder, there are plenty of opportunities in office jobs.

4. Not Your Typical Office Jobs 

Most of the time, admin and executive assistants don’t work your typical 9 to 5 jobs. Because the higher ups in most office jobs are always “on call” in a way, you will be too. Personal assistants may be called on to help with personal tasks for their employer, which could also extend out of the normal “business hours.”

If you’re looking for a little variety outside of having the same hours and doing the same thing every day, this might be a great job for you!

5. You’re a Helper

When you’re doing an administrative assistant job, you’re going to do a lot of what’s in the title: “assisting!” You’ll be answering a lot of questions, advising coworkers on next steps, keeping things on track for projects and travel planning, and more!

If you like working and helping people, this is the perfect job for you!

6. Always Learning

Whether it’s becoming an expert in a new software or application, learning new things about your industry, or getting to travel to new places for work, there are always new things to learn and experience, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities in an administration office job.

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