4 Powerful Ways to Accomplish Your Goals

May 24, 2016


1. See goals as pleasurable. That’s right! Think of goals as challenges that will keep you both involved in—and excited about—your job. This is especially true of goals that will benefit your boss and/or your organization. Once you’ve completed those, you can readily see the positive changes you’ve helped bring about. Remember, too, that when you complete a goal, your sense of satisfaction and self-confidence will soar.

2. Commit to a process for goal achievement. For example, tell yourself you will “Spend an hour every Tuesday researching travel vendors.” This will be more fruitful than constantly worrying about how you’ll cut travel costs for your department by year-end. Stick to your schedule as best you can. If you’re too busy on the day/time you’ve designated, carry over the task to the next available day/time.

3. Share your goal. When we share a goal with colleagues or friends, we’re more motivated to achieve it. Those you’ve confided in will help spur you on to complete your objective, offering encouragement and practical suggestions. You should share setbacks as well. That may well feel counterproductive. However, colleagues will likely tell you about their own issues—and how they overcame them. When you complete your goals, you’ll enjoy positive feedback from those who’ve supported you.

4. Don’t wait until review time for feedback. The boss’s expectations are in your previous performance review. Set periodic meetings with him or her to get informal advice and stay on track. As you chat, you’ll learn where you’re excelling and where you may need to improve. Now you’re ready to turn your energies to the most appropriate areas.

When you to reach your goals, expect people to notice—and applaud!

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