Artificial Intelligence Tools Executive Assistants Need to Use

January 31, 2022


As an executive assistant, the hats you wear are many and heavy. Succeeding as an executive assistant requires more than coordinating complicated travel schedules, handling confidential information, and stepping in for your boss when they're otherwise engaged. It's a career that requires you to constantly work beyond your job description and take on the role of scribe, editor, mind-reader, sounding board, and life coach. No two days are alike, and you're expected to do it all and know it all.

At heart, being an executive assistant is all about finding the fastest and easiest way to carry out a task without sacrificing quality. For this reason, it’s crucial for assistants to have a good grasp of technology and how to use it effectively. Fortunately, there are numerous artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the market that can help you do your job better and more efficiently. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Base

Base is one of the few AI platforms explicitly built for executive assistants. It streamlines your daily responsibilities by bringing connection, communication, scheduling, and organization tools together under one system.

Instead of bouncing back and forth between multiple apps and SaaS applications, Base consolidates all the tools you need, maximizing your strategic advantage and making you indispensable.

Top Features:

  • Create executive updates and briefs in minutes with digest builder
  • Simplify decisions, collect information, and anticipate responses like a mind reader with decision stream
  • Manage multiple calendars, meetings, and schedules with an AI calendar built to think like an assistant
  • Organize and store important information in one secure, portable place with the Base dossier
  • Evaluate and optimize how you spend your time

Base brings all your workflows into one place, eliminating redundancies and making you better at your job.

2. Cabinet

Cabinet is another all-in-one tool for Executive Assistants built to make your job easier. The creators of Cabinet understand that Assistants are the glue that holds everything together; therefore, they created a platform that integrates with email and G-suite calendars to make you better at multi-tasking and organization. It's an Executive Assistant tool built for efficiency and productivity.

Here’s what you can achieve with Cabinet:

  • Put your time on the right track with a To-Do List that tracks and monitors your efficiency
  • Take control of your calendar and your executive’s with an intelligent scheduler that allows you to manage multiple calendars
  • Keep all your vital files, account information, preferences in one place with a secure and easily shareable file system
  • Create profiles for each executive you handle—detailed with important dates, travel preferences, favorite restaurants, and more


Still manually taking notes? With so many meetings and responsibilities, it can be challenging to know who said what, when, and where. is an executive assistant to the executive assistant. It automatically generates rich notes from meetings, interviews, or conversations so you can incorporate them into your reports.

Gone are the days when you had to struggle to keep up with note-taking during meetings. With, you can add a human element to AI-generated notes to elevate your analyses and meeting reports.

Top Features:

  • Conversations are archivable and searchable, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for
  • Otter Assistant joins meetings to produce live meeting notes that improve team collaboration in real-time
  • Live transcription of meetings allowing participants to follow along and read at their own pace

4. TravelPerk

Business travel is back, which means you need an all-in-one travel platform that allows you to manage everything from booking flights and hotels while prioritizing safety. Travelperk is an AI platform that gives you full control and visibility into business travel plans, allowing you to streamline approval processes and enforce travel policies.

Travelperk is more than a business travel management software. The AI-powered platform can help you:

  • Step up your risk management game by staying up to date with all travel safety guidelines and health mandates
  • Manage everything from flights to trains, rental cars, hotels, and Airbnb
  • Track travel expenses and generate insightful reports to reduce or optimize travel routes
  • Offset your corporate carbon footprint by getting real-time and actionable information on your corporate travels’ carbon impact.


Now, this is a platform that manages everything. Unify your entire workspace by integrating your tools in one place, including Microsoft Office, G-Suite apps, video conferencing tools, calendars, and cloud storage solutions. This way, you can centralize all your communication and collaboration tools while safeguarding your data with enterprise-level security.

As an executive assistant, it’s your job to ensure business processes run as smoothly as possible. Here’s what you can do with

  • Color-code your tasks to evaluate your functions at a glance
  • Sync your team's work processes by consolidating their deliverables, checklists, due dates, and workflows in one place
  • Every team member can communicate with others sharing updates and feedback in real-time


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