Finding Inspiration at Work

May 2, 2017


Having a series of blah days at your job? Want to feel motivated, but just can’t seem to find the energy? Here are ways to lift yourself out of the doldrums and find inspiration and fulfillment at the office.

  • Look for inspirational role models at work:
    • People who never quit despite huge challenges. You’ll be inspired by their stick-to-it-ness and self-confidence.
    • Those who celebrate the success of others. Try this yourself and see your mood lift.
    • Nonjudgmental people. These folks make us feel accepted, trusted and successful.
    • People who think through solutions to tough problems. You’ll be motivated by them to move forward with your own thorny projects.

  • Look for inspirational role models outside of work:Collaborate with colleagues to complete a project. This shared experience will allow you to enjoy each other’s company and free flowing ideas—and can lift you out of a rut.

  • Change your environment. A lackluster space can lead to lackluster thinking. So move furniture around your office or cube. If that’s not possible, brighten up your workspace with artwork, photos or a meaningful object or quotation. 
    • Watch TED talks and/or attend workshops, readings and events by inspirational speakers, authors, musicians, scientists, public figures and more.
    • Read stimulating books, blogs and twitter feeds that offer unique points of view.  
  • Listen to upbeat music when commuting to work, or while completing routine tasks, like cleaning your desk.

  • Reward yourself for achieving small goals. Lift your spirits with a special coffee or dessert, or a few minutes chatting with colleagues.
  • Spend time with upbeat, optimistic people. With their positive outlook, those who are enthusiastic about their lives and jobs will help to elevate your own mood and outlook on life.  

Solicit positive feedback. Ask your colleagues and boss for constructive feedback. What do they feel you’re good at, and where might you improve? Receiving a thumbs-up inspires everyone to do better. 

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