How Dreams Come True with Professional Admin Training

April 5, 2023


A administrative professional in the workplace discussing with coworkers on how to make their dreams come true.
Take pride in your work and earn the promotion you deserve.

Have you been dreaming of a career as a high-level administrative manager, director, or Chief of Staff? With the right training and tools, career dreams do come true. 

Here at ASAP, we take great pride in helping executive assistants and administrative professionals achieve their dreams. Let’s take a look at some of the resources and tools available to jumpstart your career.

A Job That Feels Like a Dream Come True 

Often, when people hear the term “administrative professional,” they automatically think of “assistant.” Of course, a true professional in an administrative role is much more than that.

Administrative professionals are the biggest support system in an organization or company. Regardless of industry, everyone else in an organization does their jobs more efficiently and effectively when they have knowledgeable and trained administrative staff. In fact, admins are often the unsung heroes of big projects, game-changing business deals, and meaningful growth that organizations experience.

Here are some examples of admin roles that are in almost constant demand across industry sectors: 

  • Office Clerks and Office Managers

  • Call Center Managers 

  • Facility or Factory Managers

  • Dispatchers 

  • Executive Assistants 

  • Office Administrators

  • Clerical Specialists 

  • Equity Analysts 

These positions exist in school districts, financial corporations, medical and healthcare settings, customer service centers, government offices, and privately owned businesses, large and small. These jobs usually come with paid holidays, paid time off, medical and dental benefits, and retirement plans. 

With the right training under your belt, you can be a competitive applicant for these positions and advance to higher levels in your administrative career.

Do Dreams Come True? With the Right Training, They Really Do!

What training is needed to be a competitive candidate for a coveted administrative professional position? Administrative roles in the medical field often have their own certifications, which can set you apart from the competition. These include: 

  • Dental Office Administration Certification

  • Unit Clerk Certification

  • Medical Office Assistant Certification

  • Pharmacy Assistant Certification

  • Accounting and Payroll Administration Certification

Even if you have attained one of these specific certifications, ASAP offers additional training and a prestigious certification such as PACE to get you to the next level.

Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE) 

Attaining a Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE) is extremely helpful in landing higher-paid positions with competitive benefits packages. This valued certification provides training in task and project management, interpersonal communication, management skills, and technology.

EA Ignite 

EA Ignite was developed to help Executive Assistants grow and expand their roles in the workplace. This exclusive training event brings together like-minded professionals for community building and offers cutting-edge training from today's leading experts in the administrative world. 

ASAP Is Here to Help 

With the right resources, training, and certifications under your belt, you can turn your career goals into reality.

At ASAP, we believe there is nothing more rewarding than helping you achieve your dream job. Our training resources are unmatched, including renowned in-person training events that offer a great opportunity to network and find the next step in your administrative career. Moreover, our team of staff is supportive, knowledgeable, and eager to see you win.

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