Jump to the Head of the Class with the PACE Advantage

April 3, 2018


The Administrative Professional role has evolved exponentially over the past few years—and it’s vital that every admin pro evolves with it. That’s why ASAP created the PACE Certification program–an educational credentialing program to help ensure your continued professional growth, job security and success.

PACE is a current, comprehensive learning option that will help you hone your skills and increase your influence and authority. Built to complement any existing certifications you may have already, it’s been designed to be flexible enough to fit into any admin’s busy work schedule. There are no eligibility requirements, study groups or stacks of textbooks to read.

Everything you need to become PACE Certified is available online through a user-friendly portal. You can access PACE materials anytime, anywhere, including:

  • A digital copy of the PACE Study Guide;
  • On-demand training videos for four Proficiency Modules;
  • Sample PACE Exam questions;
  • Digital tools to track CEUs for recertification;
  • A study plan and schedule.

The four proficiency modules—Task and Project Management, Interpersonal Communications, Management Skills, and Computer and Internet Technology—build on skills you already have, while giving you access to essential areas of study in which you may wish to gain proficiency. The core components and up-to-date breadth of knowledge have led colleges with adult education program and corporate America alike to embrace PACE and help their students and employees demonstrate their qualified, indisputable know-how. Getting PACE certified isn’t just the next step in your career – it’s your invitation to join a community of credentialed administrative professionals around the world, equally committed to excellence! 

PACE Certification materials are accessible as long as your enrollment stays current. You can access the study materials on any device—there’s no special software needed. PACE’s flexible timeline and process lets you earn your Certification at your speed, on your own time schedule.

You have up to one year after your enrollment date to take the 120-question Exam, which you can take up to three times, without re-enrolling. Upon completion, you’ll be designated a PACE professional—and receive a handsome, frame-ready certificate that cites your prominent level of expertise and knowledge.

Becoming PACE certified means taking a huge step forward in your career, one that will set you apart from your peers. It will allow you to:

  • Learn and advance in your profession;
  • Demonstrate your achievements and professionalism;
  • Establish your credentials;
  • Be viewed as a more valuable employee, an expert resource and a more confident leader;
  • Gain recognition among your peers for your determination and drive;
  • Feel a profound sense of pride when you place the PACE designation after your signature.

Take the next step in your career and gain the recognition you deserve by joining the tens of thousands of accredited business professionals across the world who are formally recognized as the best in their professions. Get PACE Certified and take your place at the table as a PACE professional!

ASAP’s PACE Certification is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

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