Master Gardeners’ Secrets for Workplace Growth and Success

October 9, 2018


Those at the top of their game—be they CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, athletes, or artists—could be called Master Gardeners, in that they understand the best ways to cultivate personal and professional growth and satisfaction. Here are just a few of their strategies for self-improvement—ones you can follow.

Master Gardeners:

Find mentors who can offer fresh insight into their fields. They turn to their mentors for advice about specific projects, skills improvement, and long-term career growth.

Focus on the process of achieving a goal, rather than on the result. (In other words, you can’t become “Employee of the Year” if you don’t put in the day-to-day work.) They continuously ask themselves how they can improve, task by task by task and give every endeavor their all.

Solicit help as needed. The best of the best rely on colleagues who may have experience and knowledge they lack. When colleagues offer support and collaboration, their work, energy and engagement improve.

Develop their skills and knowledge. They organically grow their resources and knowledge by attending classes, getting online training, and networking with peers to stay ahead of the game.

Consider changing jobs. Should they realize they’re in the wrong situation or organization (because their growth is so stunted that their efforts are unlikely to bear fruit) they seek out for other, more rewarding opportunities.

Develop a personal vision. They create a strong idea of what they want in life and work—next week, next month, next year. They then create a personal development plan for future growth that considers strengthening weak areas and reinforcing strong ones. 

Live in the now. They recognize and celebrate their current strengths and achievements and understand that letting go of past failures is a major catalyst to personal growth.

Are internally motivated. Their own needs and desires always take precedence over what others believe they should be doing.  

Are masters of time management. They keep track of each activity and eliminate distractions in order to become more productive and less stressed out.

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