Maximize Your Potential: How PACE Benefits Admin Assistants


An admin professional maximizing their potential by studying with PACE courses.
A PACE Certification is a great way to advance your career.

If you are an administrative professional who wants to take your career to the next level, PACE could be the answer. PACE, short for Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence, is a prestigious certification that highlights your expertise in the profession. Achieving this certification will grow your skill set, make you a more valuable employee, and set you apart from the competition. 

We at ASAP are committed to helping administrative professionals excel and thrive in their careers. We see firsthand the successes and growth that come from our PACE program. Here’s how it works. 

PACE: How Administrative Professionals Benefit

If you are wondering if it’s worth it to pursue a PACE certification, consider these tried and true benefits. Achieving this certification will jumpstart your career in four key ways: 

  • Gives you a competitive advantage over other applicants during the interview and hiring process

  • Increases your earning potential

  • Develops your skill set and educates you on the latest software and techniques used by administrative professionals

  • Provides the necessary qualifications to apply for managerial administrative positions

Earning your PACE demonstrates the depth of your skillset, highlights your commitment to your career, and identifies you as an expert in your field. 

Start Your PACE Process 

When studying for PACE, you’ll learn the top skills and knowledge required to succeed in an administrative role today. These training materials are broken down into four different modules. 

Interpersonal Communication

In this module, you will learn about various communication styles and skills, including negotiation tactics, confidentiality, and how to write professionally. These tools will help you to improve your interpersonal relationships, increase your professionalism, and establish your executive presence as an expert communicator. 

Task and Project Management

This module covers organization skills, project management, delegation, multitasking, and time management. You will learn best practices for calendar management, planning, and getting the most of your projects and daily tasks.

Computer and Internet Technology

After this module, you will have a solid grasp of the most relevant software programs, apps, and other digital tools used by admin professionals today. You will also pick up helpful tips for ensuring optimal cybersecurity and digital organization.

Management Skills

This module will prepare you to take your career to the next level. You will develop skills for big picture thinking and vision, decision making, and change management. Additionally, you will learn about various leadership styles and team dynamics, so you can better understand and motivate others. 

PACE Participation

Your PACE materials and modules will be available to you online as long as your enrollment stays current. This program is entirely virtual, so you can access the training modules whenever you want and from wherever you want. Once ready, you also can take the exam online.

If you’re already working in an administrative role, the flexibility of this program allows access to your training materials on weekends or in the evenings. Once you enroll, complete the training materials, and pass your exam, you will receive your PACE certification. 

Jumpstart Your Career 

Let ASAP help you jumpstart your administrative professional career with this groundbreaking program. It is statistically proven that professionals who achieve the PACE certification are in higher demand, receive higher compensation, and are more likely to be promoted. 

Don’t get left behind in the fast-paced world of administrative work! Stay current and start earning your PACE today. 

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