The Multifaceted Assistant: 6 Aspects that Make You a Gem

February 28, 2016


Today’s assistant must be well rounded--displaying both the technical skills and the “soft” skills needed to succeed. Assistants who have refined their interpersonal skills, mastered technology, and are consistently able to produce results…those who can think critically and creatively are gems and always in demand.

To be seen as a Multifaceted Assistant, focus on refining and displaying these traits and abilities.

The Multifaceted Assistant:

  1. Communicates effectively verbally, nonverbally and in writing.
  2. Has mastered digital tools and media.
  3. Produces results efficiently and welcomes new challenges.
  4. Exceeds expectations with collaboration and critical thinking.
  5. Projects a highly professional image.
  6. Drives innovation through learning and creativity.

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