Successfully Transitioning to a New Executive: How-to Guide for Executive Assistants

February 28, 2022


Transitioning to a New Executive


For an EA, making the transition to a new executive can be challenging. Your executive assistant duties include being responsible for some of the most important parts of your executive’s life. In order to carry out your tasks and responsibilities correctly, you have to truly know your executive. When transitioning to a new executive, they may have entirely different requirements, wants, and needs than your previous executive. With this in mind, it’s important to be a flexible, intuitive, and creative problem solver.

Problem-solving should essentially come with the title of executive assistant. Knowing how to pivot from one thing to another is crucial as an executive assistant. While transitioning to a new executive may be difficult, keep in mind that you have all of the qualifications for your role. Sometimes, executive assistants just need a friendly reminder of their capabilities in order to be successful when transitioning.

Executive Assistant Tips for Knowing Your Worth

It’s so easy to overlook one’s worth amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. One of the greatest executive assistant tips, and a tip for people in general, is to remind yourself of your worth. You have a unique skill set to offer that makes the lives of executives easier. Plain and simple. While transitioning to a new executive can seem scary and could make you feel insecure about your talents, it’s important to take note of what makes you a successful executive assistant.

Knowing and recognizing your worth begins with naming for your unique skill set and traits as an executive assistant. Recall the things you’ve done for your previous executive. Find examples of how being a flexible and creative problem solver helped pave the way for great results. Truly recognizing your worth will help you approach your new executive with the confidence to provide everything they could ask for. It will also help foster a great business relationship. Stay confident, and be yourself! It’s what got you success, to begin with!

Tips for Executive Assistants and Your New Executive

Getting to know your new executive is one of the best tips for executive assistants who are transitioning to a new executive. Consider the differences between your new executive and your old one, and determine how that may change your work processes and workflow. 

Maybe your new executive has different preferences for platforms, software, and communication. This is where knowing your value comes into play as a creative problem solver. Understanding your new executive’s preferences and needs are critical to creating a system that works for both of you. Always be sure to ask your new executive about their software preferences and what they want most out of an executive assistant.

Most importantly, you’ll want to get to know your executive’s work tendencies and personality traits. Getting to know your new executive on a personal level can open the door for a great working relationship. Maybe the two of you go out for a drink, schedule morning meetings over coffee, grab lunch, etc. Finding out who your new executive is on a personal level can allow for a greater understanding of who each of you is and allow for a better relationship. 

Thinking Outside of the Box

Always think outside the box. While transitioning to a new executive can be fun and exciting, it often presents new obstacles that you’ll need to figure out how to overcome. New tools, different work hours, and different habits often mean that you’ll need to change your work habits as an executive assistant. 

Be ready to step outside your comfort zone. This entails thinking outside the box critically in order to meet the wants and needs of your executive assistant. Be sure to research your new executive assistant, and come up with new strategies to make their lives a little easier! After all, that’s what you’re there for! 

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