Why a Powerful Story Needs YOU as the Main Character

March 10, 2022


Who doesn’t get sucked into a good story? Have you ever wondered, “Why are stories so powerful?” Stories allow us to experience the world around us through new eyes. We can see a superhero save a family from a burning building. We can get insight into what might be going on in the mind of a store clerk on a rough day. We can be transported to different planets in a massive spaceship. They can even let us understand the beauty of a simple cup of tea or coffee on a solitary rainy Sunday morning.

Regardless of where a story takes us, there is always one key element to each one: the main character. It is more important than anything that your story has you as the main character.

Why are stories so powerful?

It’s important to reiterate the initial point. What makes a story so powerful is the main character. The main character is the centerpiece of a great story. This doesn't mean that they are necessarily the driving force. Sometimes they have the capability to do great good but need a catalyst to come their way to set things in motion. Sometimes they play the role of the spectator by conveying what’s happening through their lens. Sometimes they play the role of victim, and we get to see how they make it through various trials and tribulations. 

Regardless, the main character is the conduit through which a powerful story functions. How does this pertain to you and your life though? Believe it or not, we’re not always aware of the roles we play in our own lives. It can be easy to lose sight of where we fit in. So why is it so important for us to be our own main characters?

A Powerful Story with YOU at the Center

A good story should never lose focus of what lies at the center of everything. The main character is the pathway through which we can experience their story. For many of us in our own lives, we can easily lose sight of the fact that each and every one of us is the main character of our own stories. From waking up and deciding what to wear for the day to choosing the direction of our lives, our perception is the start and end of each day. Each perspective is unique, and nobody will ever be able to truly appreciate how you see things through your own eyes. Have you ever had moments where everything comes into focus and you’re left thinking, “What am I doing with my life?” 

We know. It sounds like a cliche pulled right from a turning point in a storybook. The day-to-day currents can be easy to get caught up in. It’s easy to flow from one task to another without really reflecting on how it matters or what we’re even doing. The fact of that matter is that you are the centerpiece of your own life. You are the focal point through which all things are comprehended. You are the ultimate deciding factor in where your life goes. We are each our own main characters with our own great stories to tell.

A Great Publisher for a Great Story

Every story needs a main character, just as every book could use some editing and publishing. The American Society of Administrative Professionals is host to a large network of “main characters” who live life with driven attitudes. Being surrounded by forward-thinkers will certainly push you to be your best. Don’t hesitate to grab the pen and put ink to the page of your life! Check us out today for more insights on how.

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