Why a Precision-Training Event Is Right for You

November 7, 2022


New industry trends emerge all the time, and technological changes are bound to affect how employees work. Having the right skills at any given time is a sure way to maintain job security and remain a valuable employee. Unfortunately, employers may not have the time or resources to schedule regular employee training for professional development, which makes exclusive training events an excellent opportunity.

One of the ways to update your skills is by attending precision-training events such as the EA Ignite precision training for senior-level administrative professionals and executive assistants. If you are an administrative professional or executive assistant, below are a few reasons you should consider attending a precision-training event.

1. Enhance Your Skills

Using the same knowledge you have always had will quickly drive you to irrelevance e a and make you fall behind those who keep sharpening their existing skills. Training events like the EA Ignite precision training allow you to sharpen your existing skills and gain new knowledge.

At the conference, senior-level administrative professionals and executive assistants will learn more about technology, leadership and project management to make them more efficient and productive. The training increases your job-related knowledge and allows you to evaluate your skills, strengthen your weaknesses and increase your value as an employee.

2. It’s a Chance to Network

Creating meaningful relationships and connections is vital for your personal and professional growth. It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable parts of attending conferences and training events, especially in the current digital age where human interactions are becoming less.

By attending training events like the EA Ignite, you meet other individuals in the same field and with the same interests as you. You can also share ideas, compare notes and learn from your peers. It is also an opportunity to meet prospective clients and put yourself out there if you want career growth.

3. Increase Your Agility

In a constantly-changing business environment, catching up with trends and responding to unforeseen situations is necessary for success. You must also adapt to industry-specific trends, which require flexibility and agility. Sometimes, how fast you respond can make all the difference.

Challenges are common when you are a senior-level administrative professional or executive assistant, and how you react to worst-case scenarios can make or break the company. Precision training equips you with the latest knowledge and skills in your field to adapt quickly and be confident when dealing with new issues and trends.

4. Access to New Ideas

Everyone holds a different perspective about the world, which is valid for administrative professionals and executive assistants. No matter the similarities of the work you do, your views and understanding of various subjects in the field will differ. When you attend a precision training event and interact with other professionals in your area, you will get exposed to new ways of thinking and listen to fresh ideas.

You can use what you learn to make changes at your workplace that spur growth, such as adopting new ways of performing specific tasks. Doing so will impact your career and trigger a unique perspective in other areas of your life.

5. Better Work Quality

Your quality of work is bound to increase when you attend precision training and conferences. You acquire various tools and knowledge on how to do things and perform your duties better. For example, training that covers handling difficult individuals in the workplace, be it clients or employees, will increase your capacity to deal effectively with such situations when they occur.

You won't get distracted when things don't go as planned or encounter an offensive client, and your work performance or quality won't suffer. The fact that you also bring knowledge to your company from the conference and share it with others is bound to improve overall staff productivity and performance.

As a professional, continuous learning is mandatory to stay relevant, productive and valuable. EA Ignite offers you an opportunity to acquire in-demand skills in your field, grow your network, and improve your career prospects.

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