Mentoring 101 | Product


Administrative professionals are often an overlooked cohort in organizations and tend not to receive the same coaching and development other professionals receive. This can lead to stunted career progression, missed opportunities to leverage strengths, and a decrease in career related self-esteem and self-belief. Finding the right mentor can be a career game changer, as it’s part art and part science. This is what we’ll break down in this highly practical session. Rachael will share her own experience being a mentee and a mentor and will explore strategies and tips that will help you get started, including:

  • How a mentor can support your development and career progression and how to find the right mentor to suit your unique needs
  • Why becoming a mentor can be a fulfilling way to challenge your own ideas and growth
  • The critical qualities and attributes of great mentors
  • The guardrails that help ensure the relationship between a mentee and mentor is successful and delivers results

If you’re ready to expand your thinking, proactively carve out your career runway, and elevate your performance, don’t miss this session!


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