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Session 1: Project Initiation – Let’s Kick-Off the Project!

Many of us have worked on projects that were confusing or chaotic, or we didn’t understand what the project was about. You can change that experience by starting with this session. 

Initiation is the most important phase of the project lifecycle. In this stage, the project is clearly defined with objectives, deliverables, and, most importantly, how this project will benefit the organization. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the key elements of a project lifecycle and how to identify the critical players, or stakeholders, that will be engaged in the project effort. 
  • Establish a solid approach for your project activities that you will be able to use to organize and plan your project moving forward. This approach will be sustainable and repeatable, which will drive consistency on the projects that you lead. This will be your personal project management system. 
  • This session will introduce you to a Project Toolkit that you will use for your future projects and will help in the development of your project management system, elevating your project success. 

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