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Session 4: Project Closure – It’s a Wrap! 

The Closing phase is just as important as the other phases of the lifecycle. The project needs to be officially “closed” so that the project team can move on to other work, the project deliverable can be operationalized, the budget can be closed out, and the Lessons Learned during this project can be shared with your colleagues for discussion and review. 

If a project is not officially closed, there will always be questions as to the status of the project. Make it official and close the project! 

Learning Objectives:

  • How to review the project components to determine if the project is ready for closure. 
  • Identify the communication channels, and messaging, that would be best for this stage of the project. 
  • Determination of when the project will be officially closed, and the process steps required for a meaningful delivery of the project objectives. 
  • The effective use of the Lessons Learned activity as a learning exercise and discussion forum for process improvements. 

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