Strategies for Building Strong Teams: A Guide to People Management for Senior-Level Assistants

November 13, 2023


A senior-level executive stands at the front of the room speaking to three employees, demonstrating strong people management skills.

As organizations modernize, many roles within the company are evolving from assistant-type positions into full-blown leaders with major responsibilities and functions. 

If you are a senior-level assistant in your own organization, the hats you wear and the tasks you juggle know no limits. You may be managing a team of your own and supporting one or more executives. 

As you navigate the challenges associated with leadership and building a team, consider the following to cultivate strong, focused, and productive employees.

People Management Strategies for Senior Executive Assistants 

In the modern business landscape, senior executive assistants often supervise other administrators, among their other responsibilities. 

Working with direct reports, supporting the hiring process, and allocating work may be within your wheelhouse. If this is the case for you, here are some ways to foster growth and success within your department and employees.

Arrange 1:1 Time with Executives & EAs

Set up quarterly meetings, so your executive assistants can have one-on-one time with the executive they’re serving. Doing so will build confidence for each EA and establish a rapport between the two. 

Be a Mentor

When time permits, share your knowledge and expertise with other EAs to help them grow within their career path. 

Share valuable lessons, describe how you communicate and navigate situations with executives, and let them shadow you on calls, meetings, and other important office events. 

Practice Inclusivity

Building a diverse staff and establishing inclusive hiring processes ensures your company recruits the most qualified candidates from a talent pool. 

Hiring and promoting employees regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or background sets an example for the entire organization. It also encourages underrepresented groups within your company, cultivating a positive effect on every facet of the business. 

Get Your Staff Involved with Clients

As you liaise between the executive and clients, involve the EAs you manage, too. Discuss your direct reports’ career goals to find who wants to be more client-facing in their role. 

Encouraging your staff to take on new challenges and grow as an employee shows them you are invested in their success as a long-term employee. 

Senior Administrators: Embracing Your Role as a People Manager 

As a senior-level administrator, your people management skills are one of your greatest strengths. As you balance the duties of managing other admins along with your responsibilities, there are a few steps you can take. This will ensure your staff is growing and thriving professionally.

Promote From Within

What better way to instill confidence and support in your team than promoting from within your current ranks? This can include promoting them to a new position or assigning more responsibilities. Many team members will be inspired by seeing their colleagues succeed or rewarded with new work tasks, and aim to follow suit. 

Support Professional Development

Encourage your admins to pursue their passions, find their interests, and continue their education to advance their careers. From employee training courses to administrative assistant certifications, your team’s professional development is as vital as yours. 

Lead with Transparency

Transparent leadership fuels trust and credibility in you as a leader and the organization. Maintain an open-door policy where your administrators can come to you anytime and have private conversations. Provide guidance and support, and be sure to treat all your employees with the same level of respect. 

Achieve Career Greatness with ASAP 

Becoming a strong people manager takes practice, effort, and skill-sharpening. You’re invested in the success of your employees just as much as your development.

As you work alongside an executive to build a strong team, seek the support of ASAP’s robust selection of training resources, webinars, and downloads. You’ll become a more efficient EA and a strong, confident leader, adding incredible value to your organization.

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