Technology Trends in Business: What to Watch Out For in the Future

November 1, 2022


An employee uses their tablet and other technology to make conducting business easier.
Following technology trends in business keeps you ahead of the curve.

For optimal career success, it’s crucial to stay updated on all the latest technology trends in business. As your industry expands, your career develops, and your business grows, technology plays a chief role. This is especially true for administrative professionals, who rely on innovative technology for prime efficiency. Technology is becoming more and more essential to how professionals navigate their jobs. If you’re keeping track of the latest and greatest in the industry, check out these 6 new technology trends in business.

6 Trends in Business Technology

It’s important to note that not all business owners are expected to keep track of every emerging technological trend. That being said, it’s still a major part of career advancement. Trends in business technology are rapidly expanding and changing by the minute. For seasoned or burgeoning professionals, here’s what you should keep an eye on:

  • Social Media Advertisements

Staying connected on social media platforms is one thing. But using social media to advertise your work is another. Social media advertisements are the number one engagement tool businesses possess. They’re also more effective at reaching your target markets than traditional advertising methods. Businesses rely on social media for content creation, audience engagement, and advertising. If you’re not on the bandwagon, hop on it soon!

Artificial intelligence (AI) assists administrative professionals in doing their jobs more efficiently. Incorporating smart technologies into your business model will prove invaluable in the years to come. AI technology can streamline tasks and responsibilities, assist with note-taking, aid with communications, and calculate target audiences. AI platforms should be a part of both small and large business strategies.

  • Workplace Automation

Workplace automation frees workers from fulfilling monotonous tasks. By providing automated solutions like email marketing, customer service, and even talent acquisition, businesses can run more efficiently. This allows employees to spend their time and energy on more important things, instead of performing mindless tasks.

  • Remote Onboarding

With the rise of remote and at-home workers flooding the professional world, remote onboarding has never been more essential. Remote onboarding is a process that helps new employees get acquainted with their roles. To do this successfully, remote onboarding technologies must be implemented. Companies are turning toward remote onboarding software to create a more streamlined process for new hires.

  • Employee Monitoring Software

With the added flexibility remote work offers, it’s also changed the way businesses operate. Changes in productivity levels have been significant since the world has gone remote. With that, employee monitoring software has become vital. Employee monitoring software ensures that employees are acting under company values. This technology keeps tabs on overall productivity, tracks things like app usage, and provides workforce analytics. 

  • Digital Note-taking 

Diligent note-taking is arguably one of the most important facets of an administrative assistant’s job. With that, the prevalence of apps like OneNote has increased significantly. Workers are looking for creative ways to take notes quickly, efficiently, and easily. Digital note-taking does just that. It also allows you to record meetings, screen-share, and edit documents with greater ease. Digital note-taking creates greater collaboration in a work environment. 

The Importance of Technology in Business

Technology in business poses many benefits for both its general success and overall productivity. Through a more streamlined way of completing tasks, workers can fulfill their duties with greater ease. Technology is evolving rapidly, and with that, businesses must adapt. The only way for businesses to succeed past the limitations of manual labor is with innovative technology.

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