Creating Flexible PowerPoint Handouts

May 5, 2014


Sometimes slides contain more content than can be comfortably viewed on that three-slide-per-page format. Other slides really aren’t necessary for the handout material. By creating your handouts as a Word document you open up a whole new world of flexibility. Depending upon the version of Microsoft Office you are using, the process is slightly different. 

  • Office 2007 – Office Button, Publish, Create Handouts in Microsoft Word
  • Office 2010 – File, Save and Send, Create Handouts
  • Office 2013 – File, Export, Create Handouts

There are several choices on the next dialog box; I usually choose Blank lines below slides. I don’t always leave the blank lines there, though. Once it has been published to Word, I may combine several slides on one page, or include supplemental content in place of the blank lines. With a right click you can resize the slide images, even removing the border to create more of a workbook type look to your handout.
Here are a few tips before exporting to make sure your handout is user- and printer-friendly.

Create a second copy of your presentation and drop out any rich graphic elements that make up the background. Think about reducing the darkness of any fill colors in objects to lighter or gradient fills. Remove any slides from the final version that users don’t absolutely need, such as your “Questions” slide.

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