Executive Assistants: 10 Outstanding Benefits of Using Microsoft Insights

February 28, 2022


As an EA, you serve your executive as their go-to person for everything that they can’t add to their plate. Managing personal and professional calendars, improving efficiency, and market researching all fall under your job description, along with many other duties. At times, these tasks can feel overwhelming even for an experienced and hard-working executive assistant such as yourself. With this in mind, Microsoft Insights can play a pivotal role in streamlining your workflow and effectively improving outcomes.

Your Virtual Executive Assistant

Microsoft Insights significantly reduces the burden of juggling multiple tasks at once. This tool also improves collaboration behaviors in the workplace. Executive assistant duties range far and wide, which is why implementing the right insights can not only make your workflow easier but also help to garner greater results. These are ten benefits of using Microsoft Insights.

  1. Improves Workflow

EA duties often range dramatically. Implementing insights can manage your workflow to improve output and improve your quality of work. With a variety of management tools at your disposal, the workflow can be easily streamlined to allow for increased productivity. 

  1. Balances Productivity

Let’s face it: having to juggle a million things at once is part of your job description. But, what if things didn’t have to be that way? Microsoft Insights manages and simplifies your schedule and responsibilities to allow for faster outcomes and greater quality of work. This is made possible by implementing insights into your software and creating a seamless transition of responsibilities. You go from having a jumbled mess to having an organized and strategic list of what should be done now and what you can do later.  

  1. Encourages Wellbeing

Every person who works hard for their money experiences burnout from time to time. So, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Burnout can drastically reduce output and quality of work. Not only that, but no one wants to dread going to work in the morning (or logging on remotely). With that in mind, welcoming Microsoft Insights to your software can help manage and track duties, responsibilities, and data in order to streamline tasks and alleviate stress. 

  1. Helps Address Unique Challenges

We all come across issues and setbacks that can deprive us of the spirit that drives us to complete our work. This is where insights come into play. With Microsoft Insights, an executive assistant or virtual executive assistant can generate flexible reports and valuable insights for their executive. This allows you to address complex challenges using a library of prebuilt analysis accelerators, visualizations, and interactive reports.   

  1. Protects Your Data

Only you, the executive assistant, will be able to access personal insights and data based on work patterns. Privacy safeguards and innovative cloud security ensure that compliance with industry standards and requirements is maintained. 

  1. Custom Analysis Tools

Insights within your employee experience platform offer actionable recommendations that help employees work smarter and build better habits. By providing personal, management, and organizational insights that track productivity, engagement, and responsiveness, people can work smarter rather than overworking themselves. This includes your executive.  

  1. Helps Manage & Create Plans

Given the aforementioned custom analysis tools, you will gain a lot of information about how those within your organization get your work done. You will also gain insight into the effectiveness and efficiency of various workplace procedures. This allows you to use insights to create focus plans, collaboration plans, success plans, etc. All of this can be done when using Microsoft Insights. 

  1. Responsibly-Sourced Data

With Microsoft Insights, data is sourced across the different channels and outlets within your platform. All of the data which you have access to is responsibly sourced from within your own organization’s HRIS. This streamlines how you can implement that protected data into work plans. 

  1. Guaranteed Privacy

Your data is your data. Microsoft Insights only pulls data from within your organization in terms of emails, team usage, meetings scheduled, and your own HRIS. This data can then be utilized to streamline work practices and thus improve productivity. 

  1. Customizable Settings

Settings allow you to validate both your organizational data as well as your platform data prior to defining system preferences. In regards to preferences, system defaults, privacy settings, manager settings, and calendar activities can be excluded from any analysis to help pinpoint the data you need. 

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