Favorite Features of Microsoft Flow and Power Automate

June 8, 2021


Microsoft Power Automate, formerly known as Flow, is a service provided by Microsoft to help ease workflow and work management. Power Automate helps automate workflows between services and apps by collecting data, synchronizing files, giving you notifications, and much more. In short, Power Automate is a business process management (BPM) software that takes care of the menial jobs of running a business and improves speed and efficiency. BPM software is becoming popular, and Power Automate is no exception. The following are some of the more popular features of Microsoft Power Automate (Flow).

Easy to Share

Since Power Automate is capable of sharing data, you can set up automatic sharing. For example, files can be shared between Outlook email service and Dropbox. Not having to go through and sharing files manually can save you hours of manual work.


Have you ever opened your email and found 100 emails waiting for you? Well, you are not alone. Have you ever missed an important email? If yes, then welcome to the club. Missing out on emails can mean lost opportunities and potential embarrassment. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can prioritize emails according to the importance and not miss out.

Custom Design

Many workflow software services offer automatic workflow capability. Not many offer the option to customize the workflow fully. Microsoft Power Automate allows you fully customize workflows that align with your specific business objectives.

No Coding No Problem

Would you like to develop your apps? Perhaps the thought of learning to code is enough to make you want to skip out. Power Automate allows you to build apps that help automate workflows and business processes. App development is accomplished by the simple “drag and drop” method. On the other hand, if you do have some coding knowledge, you can kick things up a notch and develop more complex apps, with only very little coding involved. Both of these features are highly popular with users since they allow you to customize your applications.

Document Creation

Creating new documents is perhaps one of the most common tasks done on business management software. Power Automate not only allows you to choose from a huge array of templates to choose from, but each one is highly customizable.

The Repository

Would you like to save previously used workflows for future use? Power Automate allows users to store previous workflows in a library. You have the option to use the entire or just part of the workflow at another date for another task. This feature alone can take away a lot of the headache of setting up a workflow, making it one of Power Automate's most popular features.

Sharing is Caring

Compiling data from across systems and then being able to share it with others is an amazing thing. Decision-makers no longer have to worry about whether or not everybody is on the same page. Relevant info can be shared easily with relevant employees, easing the workload on managers.

A Birds Eye View

Being able to see how all the processes work together can be a satisfying experience. Power Automate allows users to see how it all works together, removing any ambiguity in workflow management. It will also allow users to watch progress in real-time, allowing them to manage tasks, make recommendations and corrections as it is happening.

Honorable Mentions

Finally, Microsoft Power Automate is easy to use, affordable, and easy to debug. In fact, for Windows 10 users, Power Automate is free.


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