Google Assistant vs. Alexa: Which One is Best for Executive Assistants?

August 3, 2021


Google Assistant next to laptop
Google assistant device next to a laptop.

They say that technology is taking over, and in some ways it’s true. 

The most innovative smart speakers on the market can do an impressive amount of office-based tasks, leaving room for employees to engage in more hands-on, collaborative tasks that require attention. 

Both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa smart speakers can complete tasks like setting reminders, scheduling meetings, audio transcription, and recordings.

For some executive assistants, these tasks can eat up a majority of their day. What could you do with your time if these tasks were handled by a virtual assistant? 

Let’s break down the functionality, features, and capabilities of Google Assistant and Alexa to determine which better suits the needs of an executive assistant. 

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistance application, and is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. As far as functionality goes, it performs tasks like controlling other smart devices, sending messages and scheduling appointments, and can access other information on your calendar.

The Google Assistant app can be synced with other devices, including a smart TV, smart speaker, laptop, smart watch, and in the car. Assistant also integrates with various other Google tools including Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive and Maps. 

Google Assistant Capabilities

  • Create events - “Set up a call for Friday afternoon.”
  • Manage calendars - “What is my schedule today?”
  • Set alarms and timers - “Set an alarm to call the plumber.”
  • Create reminders - “Remind me to pick up lunch at 12:30 PM”
  • Manage shopping lists, keep notes to stay organized
  • Control phone settings and locate your phone
  • Real-time spoken translations

Google Assistant may be the better option for EAs who require the knowledge of the Google search engine frequently, and hands-free tasks. It offers great functionality in operational tasks (like creating calendar events or setting reminders). As Google Workplace continues to be the popular choice for organizations to implement as their main technology suite, Google Assistant seems to be the logical winner. 

But don’t tell Bezos that… 

Amazon’s Alexa 

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant, available through Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers. Alexa’s popular functions include intelligent voice interactions, to-do list set up and utilization, setting alarms and reminders, and also providing weather, news and traffic updates. 

Alexa also offers Alexa for Business, a service that enables organizations and employees to use Alexa to be more productive, more efficient, and accomplish more as a whole. 

Alexa Capabilities 

  • Voice recognition for personalized shopping, calls, and messages 
  • Answering general knowledge questions most efficiently and accurately
  • Integration with entertainment devices, like Amazon Fire TV 
  • Making reservations at a restaurant 

If your administrative tasks include purchasing for the office or an executive, using voice recognition to get tasks completed quickly and hands-free, Alexa may be the best match for you in the workplace. 

When it comes to tech giants, Google and Amazon are the cream of the crop. Whichever virtual assistant device you decide is best, your task list will decrease in mundane tasks and open up more opportunities for growth and productivity. So, are you going to be team Google Assistant or team Amazon Alexa? 

Well, we’re team virtual assistant, and we can’t wait to hear what device you decide to go with!

For more details on artificial intelligence and how virtual assistants can simplify your daily life in the workplace, don’t miss out on this post, with an extract from Alexa is Stealing Your Job by Rhonda Scharf. She dives into what AI can do for a business, its workplace and its employees, and how the change can be a positive one.

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