How to Use Microsoft Teams For Amazing Workplace Communication

April 5, 2022


person loading into the microsoft teams application on the smart phone

There are a ton of different tools out there designed to keep you and your team organized while working on projects, scheduling meetings, and communicating with each other. Even before our workspaces became a hybrid of virtual and in-person, we were using technology to keep track of it all. 

Out of all of these tools, there are few as comprehensive and easy-to-use as Microsoft Teams. 

Now, if you’ve never laid eyes on Microsoft Teams before, you might be intimidated by the idea of learning an entirely new program. Read on to see what Teams is all about.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate all-in-one messaging tool for your workspace. Keep track of real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file sharing, and more. Teams can be used in a web browser, the Microsoft desktop application, or even a mobile app, and, while having the license is needed for the full functionality of Teams within your organization, guests can access your Team Hub without having to have the license for Teams. 

Basically, you can use it to have one-on-one or group video and audio calls, share your screen during a conference, share files, schedule meetings, and more!

Microsoft Teams Features:

Creating a Team Hub

Keeping your project teams and coworkers organized and connected in Public and Private teams is one of the amazing features of Microsoft Teams. In a Private Team, only the team owners can add new people to the team while Public Teams can be joined by anyone in the organization. 

Keep projects, meetings, tasks, and conversations organized for yourself and others by creating a Team for each project. Having a singular space for certain tasks and team members isn’t only better for organizing, but can keep your mind on a single track when you have a specific task at hand.  

Sharing Files

Create files within Teams or upload them from other apps and share them easily amongst your teams or company-wide. You’re even able to share these files with guests who aren’t part of your lists on Microsoft Teams or don’t use the program.

Teams is optimized to use programs from the Microsoft Suite, but it’s extremely compatible with all sorts of word processors and applications.

Team Chatting 

Once you’ve organized your teams, Public or Private, it’s time to start chatting! Use the Team chats and channels to send messages or hold audio and video conferences with screen sharing for your already perfectly curated Teams.

If you need to bring someone in on the channel that isn’t a part of the Team list, you can easily do that with Teams. The channel owner can add or remove people who aren’t on your Team from within the company and outside of it to collaborate seamlessly.

Scheduling Meetings 

Having all of your contacts in one place is great and actually super crucial to using them correctly. Now, it’s time to use them! Schedule meetings, send out invites, and hold video and audio conferences all in Microsoft Teams. Being able to do this all in one place keeps things organized, not to mention it keeps people from having to download and understand new software.

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