How to Use Tableau to Turn Data into Business Insights

March 1, 2023


Futuristic portrayal of data analysis through Tableau
Tableau is a data analysis tool for your professional life.

Data analysis is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to get ahead or solve complex problems. With more data analysis tools available than ever, the opportunities are endless. Among the most widely used tools for data analysis today is Tableau. 

Tableau is a comprehensive data visualization software that transforms raw data into easy-to-read graphics and charts. If you are not already using Tableau software in your professional life, there are dozens of reasons why you should. Tableau removes much of the work that’s usually required in data visualization. It also makes it possible to visualize data nearly instantaneously, prompting faster decisions and better business insights. 

Want to learn more about how Tableau works? Here’s a breakdown of some of its most important features.

Using Tableau Online

As you can probably guess from the name, Tableau Online is Tableau’s web-based tool. Tableau Online is the easiest way to share high volumes of data visualization graphics and information with your colleagues. In fast-paced and collaborative environments, this feature is invaluable to every team member.

Tableau Online also provides easy data storage using the cloud. With Tableau Online, you can share data from other online accounts, or access your data from multiple devices. Also, there is no need to worry about storage space, as Tableau Online does not require any additional device storage.

More About Tableau Software

How Does Tableau Data Visualization Work?

In addition to Tableau Online, what makes Tableau software so great is how easy it is to use. Before Tableau, or with other programs, data visualization would require a lot of manual data input and organization. Then, you would likely need to do some coding to create a custom data visualization chart.

But Tableau does much of that hard work for you. When using Tableau software, it can automatically pull data from a program like Excel, and instantly convert it into graphics.

Tableau can be used to create pie charts, line graphs, scatter plots, spatial maps, and much more. Users can then customize their charts or graphs, highlighting individual segments, changing color displays, and setting a custom X- or Y-axis. You are in complete control over your Tableau graphics. In addition, Tableau’s software just converts your raw data into visual data quickly and efficiently.

Users can also switch between different visualizations to review data from multiple perspectives. The volume of available data visualization features makes Tableau an essential tool for quickly generating business insights.

What Other Features Does Tableau Software Offer?

In addition to Tableau Online, Tableau has several other features which allow for unique data visualization customization and sharing.

Tableau Desktop is the software that enables users to create custom data visualization from a personal device. Desktop comes in two versions: Desktop Personal, and Desktop Professional. Any work created on Tableau Desktop Professional can be easily shared with the Tableau Server.

On the other hand, Tableau Server, like Tableau Online, is used to share and view visualized data. Tableau Server is a highly secure cloud-based space to share data with anyone else on the server.

For public data sharing, users can also access Tableau Public. Tableau Public is less secure, but free to access. Most professional users will stick to Tableau Server. However, Public is a good option for those still learning Tableau.

Tableau Training

If you’re interested in Tableau Training, you can find plenty of resources for learning the program on the Tableau website. Here, you can learn all the basic skills you’ll need to use the program effectively for your business.

If you want to learn other useful data analysis skills to pair with your Tableau Training, browse ASAP’s extensive library of training resources. Check out our Excel Power Tools webinar to learn about extremely valuable, but lesser-known, Excel functions.

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